To host

Do you wonder how technology has come up so many things these days? I really wonder how 10 or 20 years ago our lives has been compare at present time. I remember when I first knew about emailing that was in 2001. I was fresh from a month long seminar and it so happened that some of my fellow catechist are young and when it was time for us to bid our goodbyes they asked me what is my email. My first response what is that? LOL! Anyhow, they ended up making me an email address and they told me to checked it from time to time. So one time out of curiosity I wen to an internet cafe. That time in our town there were only 2 or 3 internet cafe at that time and oh my the connection are too slow it is like you are doing snail mail ^_^.  They do really need a dedicated servers. I remember too well the customers always keep asking why this is so slow and always the answer is the server is slow!! So after I knew how to email back to my friends, the second thing that amazes me is to send a picture and so on.
I didn't know that technology evolve so fast you hardly couldn't keep up. Then the other day my step-grandson who is going to work in  Texas visited us the other night. He was in Texas for few days and he talked about he had come up with. He is in marketing but he is talking about managed hosting and colocation I asked him to further explained it lol! He told us that it is about if you are going to have a business of yourself and that if you want that your server is in good hands and that you don't have to worry about all those documents because they are going to take care of it. We could tell he is very interested in putting up his own business than being an employee, so that DH his grand-father told him to do it. My DH added to say follow your heart and reach the impossible dream. For me I knew he will succeed and with all this new technology around he can do it without any doubt.


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