Power to attract

I have questions to you all....do you have lots of girl friends, girl cousins, girl neighbors or boy cousins/ boy neighbors  do prevail in your family and neighborhood. In the Philippines most of my older and same age of mine are mostly boys. In fact growing up I played with boys than girls lol! While in high school and college it balances in a way and when I was working my best friend is a guy. Well it's a choice you see a guy can keep a secret while ladies tend to gossip a lot! LOL! When I came here in the US, my DH has four sons and several grandsons and little great grand-son. What is good and funny is that they are very open to their Dad, and what happened to them when they are in a bar or somewhere else. The last time we had our family get together we were laughing about one of my DH grandson story. He told us about how to pick up women my DH brows raised as well as his parents hahaha. You know how kids are actually not a kid anymore because he is in his early 20's and working in Texas. Anyhow, he continued to tell his story about how to attract women and get women around town his escapades in with his friends  and how he enjoyed it there. My DH just told him to be careful and be cautious enough not to get into trouble or else he is going to be back to Michigan for good. That's my hubby ^_^. 


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