Thursday, September 30, 2010

Black and orange

              I plant my own pumpkin and they are tiny. My orange here is the pumpkin and the black is the   pumpkin holder.
                                                         One night outside a church.
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Advertising Agency

Two days now that we have a very good day. The sun is out and the temperature is just right. I in fact went out to plant some plants for next year. I still have dahlia's to dig or re-plant but I have to watch my favorite tv show first hehe.
Anyway, as I am watching my tv show I just wonder how all this commercial on tv are being made. I knew before that an Advertising Agency are the ones that are into this business but I was thinking this is a huge business. As hubby and I exchange ideas I found out that even the models ask the service of an Advertising Agency. Any kind of business big or small needs to tap on an Advertising agency so there product will be known out there.  Sometimes people who start their business didn't think about hiring an Advertising agency, but for me even if it's small or big business it has to be known by people or consumers out there. The world is huge and if business people are wise enough to use there service I am so sure that their business will took off in no time. How do you like to see your business took off and it's been known to consumers out there? And there is no way that anybody would ever know your business but to tap a good Advertising agency, right? So hop in!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flipping Out over Flipping Out

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

I am so excited! Flipping Out was picked up for another season. It's not a full 26 week season; it never is. I think, they are doing another 8 episode run. Who cares! It is my favorite show - ever! If you watch it, you know what I am talking about. If you don't, you need to start and soon. Jeff, Jenni and Zoila make my week; they are so funny together. I mean, the show is technically about the Jeff Lewis Design team and all the design and remodeling projects they do. But, if I'm being honest, I watch it to see what Jeff will say next. Last week he referred to looking at model homes as similar to porn for him. LOL Which is sicker, that he said it or that I agree? I love looking at model homes; it's great for ideas. Although sometimes I think I would just like to hole up in my living room with my Directv, a pot of coffee and eight straight hours of Flipping Out! A girl can dream.

Watery Wednesday- Rain

Two days in a row we had a lot of rain. And the temperature drops from the summery temperature of 80 F to 50F. Today the sun is out and I think I have to go outside to plant the flowers for fall and for spring. Here is my  Watery Wednesday photo.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Band of Brothers is Classic

Post contributed by Noah Schmidt

Years ago I was introduced to Band of Brothers by my buddy Scott. We watched the whole mini series at his house since at the time he had just had his satellite dish installation done and I was a starving student. I have since bought the DVDs because to this day this has remained my favorite series of all time. The sets were out of this world good and the production value was top-notch. Never before or after have I seen a more believable representation of the events of World War II. For anyone unfamiliar with Band of Brothers, it tells the story of the Army's Easy Company led by Major Winters. The soldiers were all based on actual members of the company. I don't want to spoil it, but since it's based on reality, the characters in the mini series meet the same fate as they did in real life, so like the war, it's not always (or very often) very rosy, but it's a great taste of history. I'm sure there's a fair amount of artistic license, but the major characters and battles are accurate (don't quote me, I am a bit rusty, but I think that's right.) I'm thinking it's time to pull those out and watch again, after 5 or 6 times through they're still not old.

Pop corn

It's the time of year when kids are busy selling stuff. My DH granddaughter sells coffee for her cheerleading  fund and for the boys the boyscout popcorn. This is my favorite caramel popcorn but watch out a handful is counted as 100 calories ^_^
The other day this is what I saw. A squirrel trying to find some food. I took down two of my hummingbird feeders and this squirrel hovered the feeders wondering.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Travel to Australia

Hi people it's the last week of September, can you believe that?  Here in Michigan we already cool down as expected ^_^ and people and so do I are excited to see the fullness of Fall season, the smell of apple pies and hot cider is what I do like in Fall. And most specially the turning of colors around us. I've seen some trees already turned there colors and so excited to get out and take a picture. Living here in Michigan I have the privilege to witness the four beautiful season. And all of them are my favorites. But if somebody will ask me if I have a country that I love to visit one of my choice is Australia. 
Many of my classmates and friends live in Australia for years. One of my friend just had her vacation there and she said she loves it there. Australia is a  huge country it's a size of one continent and so if you like to see different variations of landscape and all go to Australia. Yesterday, I was chatting with my friend who lives in Australia and she told me that I am very much welcome to visit her and her family. I am so excited thinking that if I go there somebody is willing to show me around. I asked her about the fare and some hotels around. She told me that we could find online some cheap flights and it's no problem if sometimes in a last minute hotels reservation some hotels couldn't give it to you because she could find it easy online.
I asked her what airlines are going to Australia and she told me  she knew several airlines that are good in service and accommodation like Qantas, Singapore airlines, jetstar and virgin blue. Knowing it I said that is pretty good for me. Hubby and I are planning to have a great vacation next year  and on my top list is destination Australia.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wall of fruits

Two weeks ago I went with my girlfriends for a lunch date. We went to this restaurant called Rainforest. Before you come in they decorated there post with huge plastic fruits and inside the restaurant is dark  while the ceiling is glittering with stars. The  sounds is like you are in the middle of a rainforest and the sound it's like Kingkong is next to you ^_^

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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Guest post from: Mohamed Simon

When I was a teenager, Beverly Hills 90210 was the most popular show on television for kids my age. From the characters to the actors to the story lines, I loved everything about it. Now that I am a bit older, I rarely indulge in TV shows. When I heard that Beverly Hills 90210 was being redone a couple of years ago, I couldn't resist watching it. I have to admit that it is now one of my guilty pleasures.
I like everything about the new show too. I like that a couple of the actors have resumed their roles from the old show. Kelly Taylor and her mother as well as Brenda Walsh and Nate are the ones I have enjoyed the most. I also like that the story is pretty much the same. A brother and sister from the Midwest move to Beverly Hills and must adjust to a much different high school setting than what they are used to.
Between their friends, parents and teachers, the siblings find themselves in various relationship conflicts. Teen pregnancy, alcohol and drugs are dealt with on the show since these issues all factor into realistic lives as well. The one story line I haven't liked is the sister killing a man while she was driving under the influence and not telling anyone about it. It just seems a bit unrealistic to me, but then again it is television. I'm usually not home when this airs, so I always have it set to record on with I don't want to miss even a single episode!

Butchering a pig

My cousin send this picture to me. If you live close to a creek or body of water (fresh water) people butcher their pig just along the creek. I don't know if this is a river or what but what makes me smile is how you can see what's going on the left side. Yup men cleaned and butchered the pig right there. After cleaning the pig, it will carried back to the house and then there it will be chop and cook. Here is the photo!
                                                           click to make it larger

Beautiful tree

Yesterday, hubby and I went to the grocery store and as we drove by I noticed that some trees already changed the color of there leaves. I spotted one that is very colorful but since I am inside the car I was not able to capture it well. But I could see that it's very beautiful. I was thinking if all the trees will change its leaves it would be very colorful. We have maple trees around us and I can't wait to take a picture of them. Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Blue Coast homes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of bluecoast. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last night I was dreaming that we had a new house. In my dreams I was so excited and so happy I was dancing. Well I think it is because hubby and I are talking about building a new house next to where our house is now located.

But one thing that makes me more happier is to have a house somewhere down in the East coast. I love to live close to  a beach. Since I grew up in the Philippines surrounded  by a body of water. After, my step-son and his family went for a one week vacation in the East coast area. He told us about how beautiful North and South Carolina is. Him and his wife shared us their picture and I can't disagree because it is indeed pretty. I am so eager to be in this places for I heard so many good feedback about them. Then he told us that when they were there him and his wife looked at Wilmington NC Real Estate. They said at first it was for fun since they were already close to the area but they find it amazing how beautiful the houses are. His wife automatically told him that when she retires she will move down there because she just love it. Or maybe she just want to be out for good in snow?  Anyhow, we ended up discussing the pros and cons if we move out and change state sooner or later. And if we sell our house how soon it could be. As for me if there is a will there is a way.

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Log Cabin Window

 Log cabin window.
                                                 A closer look. A little reflection of me there.
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A Day at Fort Rock

Thanks to Wm Rowe

Before we left to hike around Fort Rock I set the alarm system, and made sure there was water down for the cat because we were planning on making a day of this outing. When heading out for a day trip home security is important, for more about that just click. We were hoping the museum would be open today. Every time we have made this trip we end up at a time the museum is not open. With all the interesting history of Fort Rock and the surrounding area, we very much would like to be able to tour the museum.
After we park at the entry to the historical park we visit with the resident Park Host, and he gives us tips as to where to look for the Indians encampments. Then we head up the trail into the horseshoe shaped rim rocks that were used as a fort by the Indians while defending themselves against the United States Cavalry. After climbing up to the top of the rock that was used for signal fires, it was easy to understand how the Indians could know when the troops were coming across the desert in search of them. The view across the desert is many miles when upon these high flat rocks. What a very interesting hike we had today before getting to tour the museum where we purchased a couple of books written about the history of the area.

Checklist to do in Fall

Okey dokie guys and gals it's official Fall is here. And do you have a Fall checklist. I didn't know that in Fall we have so many things to do. That is why now I am pushing hubby to do the checklist since the temperature ain't started to fall down. Yesterday and today it feels like Summer and it's about time to do some maintenance. So here is the Fall maintenance checklist:

  1. Cut back tree limbs growing on or over the roof. 
  2. Cut back and trim shrubbery against sidewalks.
  3. Check vents, louvers, and chimneys for birds nests, squirrels and  insects.
  4. Check caulking and for decay around doors, windows, corner boards, and joints. Re-caulk as needed.
  5. Check glazing putty around windows.
  6. Check weather stripping.
  7. Close crawl vents in the winter.
  8. Drain exterior water lines, hose bibs, sprinklers, and pool equipment in the fall. Be sure to unhook and store all hoses in a dry area.
  9. Check the roof for missing or damaged shingles to prevent leaks.
  10. Check the underside of roof for water stains, leaks, dampness and condensation, particularly in attics and around chimneys. Maintain grading sloped away from foundation walls.
                                                                HAPPY FALL EVERYONE!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm a woman I love shoes!!

Hello friends  today is the beginning of Fall and I could feel the cooling down of the temperature though the weather "prediction" last night we are going to experienced a bit of summer this coming days but I don't mind Fall is Fall. And when you live here in a place where you experienced a lot of weather change most specially the snow and rain you need a a lot of shoes ^_^ This morning I was thinking of browsing in the internet looking for a good boots. I found one that makes my heart flip flop and that's Miz Mooz!! Oh yes, when I started to browse around I love all their shoes!!
But what about Old Gringo and Sebago shoes they are also in good quality and they are very pretty indeed. They have boots that I so wanted. Boots that are knee length, ankle length and other kind of design that I so love. I am the kind of person who like to wear high heel shoes at the same time flat shoes depending on what my mood is. And my number one requirement is that a shoes should be comfortable no matter what. Because for me a comfortable shoes makes me more happier and sexier. 
What excite me now is that I am going to wear boots again because it's Fall and soon it will be Winter. I know that in snow you are not supposed to wear high heeled boots but people are wrong there are many shoes or boots like Old Gringo or Sebago shoes that are good  to wear in Winter even if it's snowing. You see shoes is not just for fashion but also for us to make us feel confident and feels more prettier. Now is the time to shop,  I am a woman and I love shoes so be it!! ^_^

My hubby...

Isn't it just right to thank God for having a very wonderful husband like mine? When I listen to the woes and problems of my friends because of what their husband are doing I can't help but say a silent prayer thanking God for my husband. I've been married to him for 6 years but we knew each other for 9 years. We meet on the internet but we didn't plunge to get married immediately. We took time to know each other, we chatted for 2 years, yes two years, then he went to the Philippines to meet me after two years of chatting. But we didn't marry immediately we were engaged for one year and after that we get married.
Prayer is the most important thing that binds us too. Hubby is a very good person. And he can manage me when I am in my mood swing lol! He gave me space and he never gave me the rule of do's and dont's. For me he is just wonderful. Last night I told him what I do to him when he is sleeping. I told him I pray over him every night. He answered to me "that's so nice of you"! I do believed that a couple who prays together stays together. Happy Thursday!

My huge Dahlia

I have heard so much about this flower Dahlia. My step-daughter has one that is very pretty but I didn't try to plant it. This year I planted three kind of Dahlia's because I saw it on sale in one of the store here. To my surprised it gave me such huge happiness because they are so pretty. This picture on the left side is a huge yellow Dahlia's. I didn't know it grows like this big. But one thing that I don't like is that bugs seems like this flower. They ate the leaves and the petals. I don't know if when I spray it with insecticides it will solve the problem. But since it's Fall now I will search the internet on how to keep them so I could still have them next year. Look how big it is.
                                    See that's my palm and the Dahlia is bigger than my palm ^_^

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm in good hands with Glidden

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Glidden. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've been cleaning our kitchen at the same time doing my weekly laundry today when I noticed that our kitchen wall is a mess. I hate to accept it but it does look so dirty I don't like to looked at it most specially the one at the back of our stove. You see if you cooked the oil splatter from the pan stick on the wall and it's not the most beautiful thing to see. I've been discussing this  to hubby for quite sometime now and every time I open the issue he only told me that it is up to me to decide when are we going to do the painting and I have to decide what color of paint I am going to paint on the wall. One time we were at this huge store and I saw this brand of paint called Glidden and among all the paints in that store this is the one that I am sold out. They have colors that I love the most for I am into pastel colors. And I don't have to feel intimated when choosing the colors because they have a tester and they have brochures to what hues of color you want. That brand stuck in my mind and when I saw how bad our kitchen walls today I thought of it today. 
For now hubby is not at home yet but I would for sure discuss it again because I want it to be done before Fall season ends. I've been thinking of painting our bedroom too with the hues of blue and with  Glidden I sure be in good hands. ^_^ Visit my sponsor: Glidden

What's up with so many birds today

Today as we all knew that it's the end of Summer wohoooo!! All the four season is my favorite I don't have one or two season as favorite because all of them create beautiful scene. And coming from Philippines a tropical country who only have dry and wet season, having four season is very beautiful to me and exciting. Anyway, today I did my laundry and the most part is folding the clothes. Because I was alone in the house I worked with out any interruption lol. 
I was folding the clothes right close to our huge window. And any kind of movement I could tell what's going on outside. I noticed that the hollyhocks and even the bird feeder are moving. I thought it might be the hummingbird but NO the hummingbird should be gone by now. But when I looked out I saw a huge woodpecker tried to land in one of the hollyhock and since he is too big the hollyhock bend lol. Then came this huge blue jay and they kind of playing each other. After a minute of  two I noticed a many birds around in our front yard and backyard. I took my camera and I even spotted a little tiny squirrel. But I was thinking what's with too many birds today? I saw flinch and other birds around. What makes me roll to laughter is when one blue bird just bumped the window and it produces a loud sound. When I looked out it's the blue jay still trying to figure out what happened hahahahaha. 

Sepia Scene-

 I have two shade of Sepia here. The first is a wheel that says Award winning Cider by the Jug. And I agree they have good apple cider in town.

 This is another shade of Sepia color. I love to play sepia color though. Anyway, this one is inside the store it's an old apple presser. I could imagine how they do it before but couldn't imagine if somebody still using it specially if a store is huge and it needs to produce a lot of apple cider in a jug.

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Canadian Fishing Trip

Guest post written by Joseph Finch

I was watching my Direct tv one Saturday morning, and saw a fishing show about Ontario that was really interesting. I wouldn't have thought that I would be so drawn into the show and so entranced by the destination that I would spend the next few days planning a fantasy vacation in my head that would turn into a reality. Sitting around at work, I found a fishing lodge in Ontario that offered a great deal, and started to just browse for tickets, just to see if anything was a good deal. I found a site that advertised in commercials and they had a phenomenal deal for flights. I had vacation time, but nothing planned because vacations can be so expensive sometimes. I called a few work buddies of mine up and we decided that it would be a great time, and a good way to use our vacation time up, as none of us had anything else to use it for! It was a blast! I've never pulled so many fish out of a lake! It was a great time! My buddies asked me how I thought to go there- I just smiled and said that I just saw it on a TV show and thought it'd be a good idea. It sure was! I've never taken a vacation that was so much fun.

My Fathers 21st Death Anniversary

Today is the end of Summer, I wish that our weather is like yesterday because yesterday our temperature reached up to the 80's. Last night, was windy and today it's cloudy. I hope in the middle of the day the sun will come out to say goodbye to Summer.
Today is also another special day for me because it's my fathers 21st death anniversary. My papa passed away in 1989 and I was in my early 20's at that time working in another city. I was working at that time and when I received a call that my father is in coma I went home immediately and here he is in the hospital bed not talking anymore. Even if at that time he is laying in bed and not talking because he was comatose I took care of him. I didn't let anybody touched him, I did all the washing and inserting the catheter to him. I didn't allow my mom to do the manual labor for I know she is already devastated and too tired to do all those physical labor. We talked to him when he was there and saw tears coming from the side of the eyes. That we knew that he heard us. They say that the last sense that will stay to you is the sense of hearing. Until that fatal night we only heard him took a deep breath and he was gone! My mother knew that was it, she whispered to him that she let go of him and be with his Creator. I was shocked I couldn't believed it, at an instance my Papa is gone forever!!
My father died at the age of 50, it's very young right? We were all young at that time too. Now looking back I wished that he lived a little longer. It was kind of hard growing up most specially when somewhere along the way in your life you need a father to talk to. Yes I talked to my mother a lot but there are some things that it's only for a father and daughter kind of talk. 
Looking back and thinking about him I am so happy he is well liked by his siblings, our neighbors, the company he worked with, his friends and the people who knew him. That is what makes me happy too knowing that my father leave a legacy we can be proud of. He always told us to "study well", "if you have knowledge nobody could snatch it from you", " be good to people", "pray hard" and a lot more. He is very disciplinarian and very fair. 
The number one thing that people and us his children won't forget is his precious smile. Oh my, you can't see my Papa frown or having that long face or sad. He has that ready smile where ever he goes and he gave it to people around him. I think I have that little trait of him hehehe. I love to smile and even if I am not smiling people smile back at me! 
Lastly, I missed my Papa how I wished he is still alive and enjoying the craziness of all his grandchildren and us his children. I know Papa is in heaven and looking at us every time. To my dear Papa rest in Peace! Love you very much!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Watery Wednesday- Rainforest

 Last Saturday was my friend's birthday. We went to Rainforest restaurant for a sumptuous dinner. Inside is like you are in  a jungle with a special effect like sounds and lighting. Close to our table is this fountain, a fountain with a man standing carrying the earth with the word rescue the rainforest.

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Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...