Pop corn

It's the time of year when kids are busy selling stuff. My DH granddaughter sells coffee for her cheerleading  fund and for the boys the boyscout popcorn. This is my favorite caramel popcorn but watch out a handful is counted as 100 calories ^_^
The other day this is what I saw. A squirrel trying to find some food. I took down two of my hummingbird feeders and this squirrel hovered the feeders wondering.
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Meri said…
Those scouts look so hopeful that someone will buy their product. I usually give them five bucks as a donation and tell them to keep whatever they're selling -- I don't want it in the house.
Raven said…
Cute chipmunk. The popcorn has my mouth watering.
George said…
You're making me hungry! It's been ages since I've had caramel popcorn.
eden said…
I haven't eaten caramel popcorn in a long time. If we buy, we usually get the butter flavour popcorn. That's a great shot of the cute squirrel.
srp said…
I love the chipmunk... he would probably love the popcorn!
Dee said…
I love caramel popcorns! I'm quite addicted to them, in fact... Happy Tuesday! :)
Patti said…
I haven't had caramel popcorn in ages! Looks like a treat.

The squirrel photo is cute. ;-)
Cute chipmunk. Thanks for the visit, but sorry, I cannot post comments with links.
The same with Eden, I prefer butter flavor popcorn.
What a great shot of squirrel!

Thanks for visiting :)
Cafe au lait said…
I love caramel popcorn!

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