What's up with so many birds today

Today as we all knew that it's the end of Summer wohoooo!! All the four season is my favorite I don't have one or two season as favorite because all of them create beautiful scene. And coming from Philippines a tropical country who only have dry and wet season, having four season is very beautiful to me and exciting. Anyway, today I did my laundry and the most part is folding the clothes. Because I was alone in the house I worked with out any interruption lol. 
I was folding the clothes right close to our huge window. And any kind of movement I could tell what's going on outside. I noticed that the hollyhocks and even the bird feeder are moving. I thought it might be the hummingbird but NO the hummingbird should be gone by now. But when I looked out I saw a huge woodpecker tried to land in one of the hollyhock and since he is too big the hollyhock bend lol. Then came this huge blue jay and they kind of playing each other. After a minute of  two I noticed a many birds around in our front yard and backyard. I took my camera and I even spotted a little tiny squirrel. But I was thinking what's with too many birds today? I saw flinch and other birds around. What makes me roll to laughter is when one blue bird just bumped the window and it produces a loud sound. When I looked out it's the blue jay still trying to figure out what happened hahahahaha. 


Lily Hydrangea said…
Has the weather been cooler there lately? I notice the cooler weather makes the birds extra hungry around here.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Lily, yes it cools down. And that is what I was thinking too they seem like they are hungry. Now I thought of buying some seeds for them.

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