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Last night I was dreaming that we had a new house. In my dreams I was so excited and so happy I was dancing. Well I think it is because hubby and I are talking about building a new house next to where our house is now located.

But one thing that makes me more happier is to have a house somewhere down in the East coast. I love to live close to  a beach. Since I grew up in the Philippines surrounded  by a body of water. After, my step-son and his family went for a one week vacation in the East coast area. He told us about how beautiful North and South Carolina is. Him and his wife shared us their picture and I can't disagree because it is indeed pretty. I am so eager to be in this places for I heard so many good feedback about them. Then he told us that when they were there him and his wife looked at Wilmington NC Real Estate. They said at first it was for fun since they were already close to the area but they find it amazing how beautiful the houses are. His wife automatically told him that when she retires she will move down there because she just love it. Or maybe she just want to be out for good in snow?  Anyhow, we ended up discussing the pros and cons if we move out and change state sooner or later. And if we sell our house how soon it could be. As for me if there is a will there is a way.

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