Watery Wednesday- Rain

Two days in a row we had a lot of rain. And the temperature drops from the summery temperature of 80 F to 50F. Today the sun is out and I think I have to go outside to plant the flowers for fall and for spring. Here is my  Watery Wednesday photo.

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Gunn said…
Seems like you had a very rainy day!
Anonymous said…
Love how you captured the rain pouring off the roof!
oh, that was a realy rainy day!!
Nice shoots!
George said…
I wish you could send some of that rain down here -- we could sure use it!
Tracy said…
Oh, boy, I always enjoy seeing rain and I am ready for the temps to cool off so I can get out and plant as well. Happy WW!
eden said…
Wow, great captures of the rain.Love your photos.

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