Checklist to do in Fall

Okey dokie guys and gals it's official Fall is here. And do you have a Fall checklist. I didn't know that in Fall we have so many things to do. That is why now I am pushing hubby to do the checklist since the temperature ain't started to fall down. Yesterday and today it feels like Summer and it's about time to do some maintenance. So here is the Fall maintenance checklist:

  1. Cut back tree limbs growing on or over the roof. 
  2. Cut back and trim shrubbery against sidewalks.
  3. Check vents, louvers, and chimneys for birds nests, squirrels and  insects.
  4. Check caulking and for decay around doors, windows, corner boards, and joints. Re-caulk as needed.
  5. Check glazing putty around windows.
  6. Check weather stripping.
  7. Close crawl vents in the winter.
  8. Drain exterior water lines, hose bibs, sprinklers, and pool equipment in the fall. Be sure to unhook and store all hoses in a dry area.
  9. Check the roof for missing or damaged shingles to prevent leaks.
  10. Check the underside of roof for water stains, leaks, dampness and condensation, particularly in attics and around chimneys. Maintain grading sloped away from foundation walls.
                                                                HAPPY FALL EVERYONE!


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