A Day at Fort Rock

Thanks to Wm Rowe

Before we left to hike around Fort Rock I set the alarm system, and made sure there was water down for the cat because we were planning on making a day of this outing. When heading out for a day trip home security is important, for more about that just click. We were hoping the museum would be open today. Every time we have made this trip we end up at a time the museum is not open. With all the interesting history of Fort Rock and the surrounding area, we very much would like to be able to tour the museum.
After we park at the entry to the historical park we visit with the resident Park Host, and he gives us tips as to where to look for the Indians encampments. Then we head up the trail into the horseshoe shaped rim rocks that were used as a fort by the Indians while defending themselves against the United States Cavalry. After climbing up to the top of the rock that was used for signal fires, it was easy to understand how the Indians could know when the troops were coming across the desert in search of them. The view across the desert is many miles when upon these high flat rocks. What a very interesting hike we had today before getting to tour the museum where we purchased a couple of books written about the history of the area.


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