Watery Wednesday- Rainforest

 Last Saturday was my friend's birthday. We went to Rainforest restaurant for a sumptuous dinner. Inside is like you are in  a jungle with a special effect like sounds and lighting. Close to our table is this fountain, a fountain with a man standing carrying the earth with the word rescue the rainforest.

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J Bar said…
That's an interesting fountain.
Pam said…
What a fantastic water feature! It looks enormous.
Anonymous said…
I like restaurants with fountain inside. They bring good vibrations.
Wonderful, welcoming watery image! Beautiful feeling of fresh energy in the play of water!
eileeninmd said…
A great choice for your watery photo! It sounds like the rainforest cafe, they closed the one near where I live.
Luna Miranda said…
an eye-catching fountain.
Reminds me of Atlas!!!

My Watery photos are about the 'disaster area' in town during a day long rainstorm. Click Here if you'd care to join me today with your visit.
There is a Rainforest restaurant in a mall in Toronto, Ontario. I have been there a couple of time. They have thunder and lightening every once in a while to make you think you are in the real thing.

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