My huge Dahlia

I have heard so much about this flower Dahlia. My step-daughter has one that is very pretty but I didn't try to plant it. This year I planted three kind of Dahlia's because I saw it on sale in one of the store here. To my surprised it gave me such huge happiness because they are so pretty. This picture on the left side is a huge yellow Dahlia's. I didn't know it grows like this big. But one thing that I don't like is that bugs seems like this flower. They ate the leaves and the petals. I don't know if when I spray it with insecticides it will solve the problem. But since it's Fall now I will search the internet on how to keep them so I could still have them next year. Look how big it is.
                                    See that's my palm and the Dahlia is bigger than my palm ^_^


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