My hubby...

Isn't it just right to thank God for having a very wonderful husband like mine? When I listen to the woes and problems of my friends because of what their husband are doing I can't help but say a silent prayer thanking God for my husband. I've been married to him for 6 years but we knew each other for 9 years. We meet on the internet but we didn't plunge to get married immediately. We took time to know each other, we chatted for 2 years, yes two years, then he went to the Philippines to meet me after two years of chatting. But we didn't marry immediately we were engaged for one year and after that we get married.
Prayer is the most important thing that binds us too. Hubby is a very good person. And he can manage me when I am in my mood swing lol! He gave me space and he never gave me the rule of do's and dont's. For me he is just wonderful. Last night I told him what I do to him when he is sleeping. I told him I pray over him every night. He answered to me "that's so nice of you"! I do believed that a couple who prays together stays together. Happy Thursday!


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