My Fathers 21st Death Anniversary

Today is the end of Summer, I wish that our weather is like yesterday because yesterday our temperature reached up to the 80's. Last night, was windy and today it's cloudy. I hope in the middle of the day the sun will come out to say goodbye to Summer.
Today is also another special day for me because it's my fathers 21st death anniversary. My papa passed away in 1989 and I was in my early 20's at that time working in another city. I was working at that time and when I received a call that my father is in coma I went home immediately and here he is in the hospital bed not talking anymore. Even if at that time he is laying in bed and not talking because he was comatose I took care of him. I didn't let anybody touched him, I did all the washing and inserting the catheter to him. I didn't allow my mom to do the manual labor for I know she is already devastated and too tired to do all those physical labor. We talked to him when he was there and saw tears coming from the side of the eyes. That we knew that he heard us. They say that the last sense that will stay to you is the sense of hearing. Until that fatal night we only heard him took a deep breath and he was gone! My mother knew that was it, she whispered to him that she let go of him and be with his Creator. I was shocked I couldn't believed it, at an instance my Papa is gone forever!!
My father died at the age of 50, it's very young right? We were all young at that time too. Now looking back I wished that he lived a little longer. It was kind of hard growing up most specially when somewhere along the way in your life you need a father to talk to. Yes I talked to my mother a lot but there are some things that it's only for a father and daughter kind of talk. 
Looking back and thinking about him I am so happy he is well liked by his siblings, our neighbors, the company he worked with, his friends and the people who knew him. That is what makes me happy too knowing that my father leave a legacy we can be proud of. He always told us to "study well", "if you have knowledge nobody could snatch it from you", " be good to people", "pray hard" and a lot more. He is very disciplinarian and very fair. 
The number one thing that people and us his children won't forget is his precious smile. Oh my, you can't see my Papa frown or having that long face or sad. He has that ready smile where ever he goes and he gave it to people around him. I think I have that little trait of him hehehe. I love to smile and even if I am not smiling people smile back at me! 
Lastly, I missed my Papa how I wished he is still alive and enjoying the craziness of all his grandchildren and us his children. I know Papa is in heaven and looking at us every time. To my dear Papa rest in Peace! Love you very much!!


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