Guest post from: Mohamed Simon

When I was a teenager, Beverly Hills 90210 was the most popular show on television for kids my age. From the characters to the actors to the story lines, I loved everything about it. Now that I am a bit older, I rarely indulge in TV shows. When I heard that Beverly Hills 90210 was being redone a couple of years ago, I couldn't resist watching it. I have to admit that it is now one of my guilty pleasures.
I like everything about the new show too. I like that a couple of the actors have resumed their roles from the old show. Kelly Taylor and her mother as well as Brenda Walsh and Nate are the ones I have enjoyed the most. I also like that the story is pretty much the same. A brother and sister from the Midwest move to Beverly Hills and must adjust to a much different high school setting than what they are used to.
Between their friends, parents and teachers, the siblings find themselves in various relationship conflicts. Teen pregnancy, alcohol and drugs are dealt with on the show since these issues all factor into realistic lives as well. The one story line I haven't liked is the sister killing a man while she was driving under the influence and not telling anyone about it. It just seems a bit unrealistic to me, but then again it is television. I'm usually not home when this airs, so I always have it set to record on with http://www.directstartv.com/directv_current_offer.html. I don't want to miss even a single episode!


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