I'm a woman I love shoes!!

Hello friends  today is the beginning of Fall and I could feel the cooling down of the temperature though the weather "prediction" last night we are going to experienced a bit of summer this coming days but I don't mind Fall is Fall. And when you live here in a place where you experienced a lot of weather change most specially the snow and rain you need a a lot of shoes ^_^ This morning I was thinking of browsing in the internet looking for a good boots. I found one that makes my heart flip flop and that's Miz Mooz!! Oh yes, when I started to browse around I love all their shoes!!
But what about Old Gringo and Sebago shoes they are also in good quality and they are very pretty indeed. They have boots that I so wanted. Boots that are knee length, ankle length and other kind of design that I so love. I am the kind of person who like to wear high heel shoes at the same time flat shoes depending on what my mood is. And my number one requirement is that a shoes should be comfortable no matter what. Because for me a comfortable shoes makes me more happier and sexier. 
What excite me now is that I am going to wear boots again because it's Fall and soon it will be Winter. I know that in snow you are not supposed to wear high heeled boots but people are wrong there are many shoes or boots like Old Gringo or Sebago shoes that are good  to wear in Winter even if it's snowing. You see shoes is not just for fashion but also for us to make us feel confident and feels more prettier. Now is the time to shop,  I am a woman and I love shoes so be it!! ^_^


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