Sunday, February 28, 2010

Three Beautiful Gnomes

        My photo for this week is all about this three beautiful gnomes and one of them is ME!! ^_^
We are are just having fun! ^_^
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stuck in My World

Scenic Sunday

Well yesterday this is what happened to us.  We were stuck in our driveway and since hubby can't shovel because he fell down from the ladder last Wednesday, I was the one who has to do this job. SHOVELING!! Yesterday, the weather was so bad, from the north side the wind blows so hard the snow piled up in the middle of  our north driveway. When we got home from the store hubby didn't realized how bad the north driveway and because somebody was behind us he just drive through without looking if he can drive through then it happened we got stuck. I was shoveling for I don't know how many minutes, I tried twice if I can reverse or move the car but to no avail. At the end I get so frustrated I cried!! DH told me to just stopped what I am doing and I did, what the heck I am so cold  and tired I panted like crazy. My heart was palpating so hard  I got worried I might have a heart attacked .  Thankfully, my DH grandson  came  and  plowed our driveway. 
You can't see our driveway it is all covered with snow. I did first shovel the driver side of the car because the snow is not that  high. But on the right side it was very deep. I crawled down and took most of the snow under the car and then I tried to start the car if I can reversed it but to no avail. That is when I cried lol!!! What an experienced. It is not fun to be stuck and that is MY WORLD for now. ^_^
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Debt help

Thankfully, today it doesn't snow but it rained a bit. We were in the mall the whole afternoon I was browsing around while DH is just waiting for me when I am going to be done. Well sometimes when I went inside to a shop and I don't see any nice stuff I just looked and then left and go to another store. DH noticed that some store I love to hang in there and can browse for the whole hour but some store he call it "short live" lol. Anyhow, at this time where are economy is not doing well, I don't do impulse buying I tried to think before buying anything. Well, of course it is different when it is about food but even if it is food I had to think if we really do need it.
Yesterday, my DH son came to the house and just by the looked on his face I knew something wrong is going on. So DH and him talked and he told his Dad that he needs to credit counseling for the fact that they are overwhelm by how much they are indebted right now. Him and his fiance are getting married this year and it seems like their future is at a bleak. A friend of him tried to help them do the debt consolidation and he said it does help them a lot. But sometimes as human he can't sleep he got worried. Well his dad just listen to his woes and DH told his son that debt consolidation is really good if him and his fiance also had to discipline themselves and not to go back to any debt. 
It was also a good thing that he came to the house yesterday because I also had so much things to discover and learned about having a debt. Thankfully, their are some people who can help us right now because if not many people can go so depressed and that is not good. Well today even though we are at the mall but I ended up not buying anything hehe. I am watching what I spend.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Kitty

Camera CrittersThis is  almost a Daily occurrence between my Kitty cat, squirrels and the birds in summer time. That is why I like summer because they could play around the farm and I enjoy being the spectator.
What is she doing up in that huge willow tree? Well she is looking for the squirrel but if the birds see also the cat on top of the tree they chase her . And my kitty cat run like crazy going down the tree. Well, as of this writing no one is hurt ^_^ Well see this coming spring and summer who will chase who. ^_^
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I remember too well when I was young my mother used to tell us not to wash your face and that includes your eyes if prior to that I am reading so much. In other words if I tire my eyes don't wash your face!! But of course us girls/ladies/women can't do it! What the heck, we like to clean our face we even put cream to make it supple and flawless. I was in college then when I noticed something with my eyes. It seems that I am far sighted I can't see that well. So my mother brought me to a doctor and the doctor gave me my first glasses. I was happy then it is not because it will fix my eyes but because I looked cool hahaha!
Well that was then now I can't live the house with out my glasses specially when I am driving at night. But the thing is we went to this doctor, and he gave us this eye glasses that I myself really don't like it. Thankfully, we found out a cheap glasses that it will not only take care of your eyes but also take care of your pocket ^_^ haha. Now we are sticking to it because it is affordable I have different designs and colors that makes me look like fashionable ^_^ 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Temecula Real Estate

Remember my friend who just got married last few months ago and who lives in California? Well since her and her husband and their little baby only live with her in-laws they were thinking of getting a house wohooo!! Yesterday we chatted on like and she was so excited  her husband is now looking at Temecula Real Estate.  Her husband says that their are so many Realtor out  there but because her husband heard so much of this company they are going to try to call them soon. 
Sometimes hunting for a house to live is no easy job. Sometimes it overwhelm you specially now that their are so many houses that are for sale and you have so many choices. I told her it was a good idea for them to get help from Temecula Real Estate because they know what they are doing they are the professional in these field. My friend and her husband has a specific things that they are looking for, for their new property "soon". She told me her husband likes it that the house would be at least close to his job site and it is not too expensive to pay every month hehe. Well I think my friend is in good hands she is just very excited for the new life and chapter of her life now. So be it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Beautiful sunset

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Durom cup

My DH grow up in a farm and even though after his high school he works in an auto factory still being a farmer is a second skin to him. We live here in the farm where they own it for 100 years and more and living it here is a decision that I never regretted. Anyhow, because we live in the same farm where DH grew up we had the old huge red barn, tractors, backhoe, pole barn,  a corn crib that I mistakenly  called corn cob hahahaha!!! Hubby kept on telling me "it's not a corn cob but a corn crib", oh well in the Philippines we don't have that I only knew one crib a baby crib lol!!! And because we have all the amenities of what a farm is hubby who is already retired still very active in working the farm. Though we don't do much farming but on summer we bale hays, which I don't like ^_^ and gardening which I do like. 
One time her eldest sister slipped on the pavement, thankfully somebody was there and so she was helped immediately. And because of that I told hubby to be very careful because once our back or joints is busted I don't know if it will be repaired as good as new. I gave an example to his cousin who has an issues on zimmer durom cup. Anything like that should always be given extra attention because it is place inside our body. They are so used in working the farm that sometimes they just don't care or they don't put a lot of interest to their safety. And one of  his cousin, who is contemplating to get   durom cup hip replacement  and is looking  zimmer durom cup types  can't figure it out when is he going to get one. Aside from financial issues he is thinking of his self if he can do it. He is a bit too sick to get a surgery but he didn't shun from doing it but he said in the right time he will. 


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Repair pal

If there is a word pen pal there is also a word repair pal, sounds funny but it is really true. In the Philippines my brother has a car and every time something happened to his car he brought it to the local mechanic which in my own opinion is just a so so ^_^. Anyhow, one time I was in my Philippine vacation when his car broke. We had a hard time where to find a mechanic because you couldn't easily  find it there not like here in US you just had to call and somebody will tow your car and voila your car is already in the shop.
I really couldn't help not to see the difference because one time when hubby and I went to Texas our truck at that time is Chevrolet Silverado we are on the way to San Antonio, Texas when hubby noticed  something with the brakes. So since we are  in Dallas area he called immediately his nephew where to find the best auto repair shop and he gave the number of Dallas auto repair  in no time they came just a matter of minutes. They checked the truck and  they told hubby that there is a problem with the brakes and they have to do a brake job of course since the problem is  all about the brakes hubby just agreed to what ever they told him. It was quite a long ways from Dallas to San Antonio,  so we decided to stay the night in Dallas which for me it was a good decision.

Click Local

Do you like to travel? And when you travel do you have a little difficulty where to find some of the best local shops? Well I do.  Hubby and I love to travel but sometimes it is kind of hard to find local shops or recreational parks or any spots of a particular place that local or outside tourist love to hang out.  Hubby told me that when the weather will warm up we are going to start to travel again this year. Of course, I am so very excited and we have places that we are eyeing already like Atlanta, GA , I heard that they have a huge aquarium there and great shopping malls. Aside from that  I so love peaches too. Then our second choice is Buffalo, NY , why, because I have an Aunt who lives there and I haven't seen her for ages. The last time she saw me was when I was in grade school I couldn't even remember here. Thankfully with all this social network site she sees my picture and I saw her and her family pictures. Aside from meeting my Aunt, I so love to visit the Statue of Liberty that is my aim in life lol!! Then the third place I love to visit too is St. Louis, MO a very beautiful mid western state that has full of charm and beauty. But we couldn't achieve this of course without the help of easy click in the internet. Remember if we don't know the local shops and parks the trip is no fun at all.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to school

Last Saturday we went to Frankenmuth, Michigan to celebrate the birthday of my step-daughter. Oh well, I don't want to tell here how old she is she might read this entry that I told the whole wide world how old she is she might hate me lol!! Anyhow, while waiting for our reservation table to be set up we were in the lobby talking and waiting for other relatives to come. She is backed to school taking up respiratory therapy I am supposed to enroll with her but I told her she go first because I knew for sure they have math subject and I have a  Math problems since I was in college. Though I graduated with a degree of Accountancy but accounting and math is different lol! So I thought it for several days  before telling my step-daughter about enrolling the course, I need Math help first since I am the kind of person who likes to be prepared.
Along our conversation she told us that the other day she forgot that they had a quiz hahaha. We all laugh we told her it must be the age lol!! She didn't know what was the result of the test yet the professor didn't gave them the result. She also told us that she enjoyed going back to school  but it is kind like she need to go to this site Algebra help for her to be more confident in dealing with the Algebra subject.  Just by the word Algebra makes my eyebrows raise to the highest level, for sure Algebra and Fractions are not my best friend for now. 
But I don't really have a choice because before fall I am going to enroll in this particular course so hoping that by that time my step-daughter has a lot to share with me. Looking forward to that time though. 

Winter storm

For now we are in winter storm alert and the weather channel says this would last until 7pm!! And added to that each hour is an additional of one inch of snow. When I get up this morning I think we already had 4 or 5 inches if the weather forecast will be right then, I am expecting to have another 10 inches of snow.  Thankfully, hubby and I did our grocery the other day because I can't imagine myself getting out there doing some grocery. I myself don't like driving in winter more specially if it is snowing hard, I get so panicky when I see cars in the ditch and I don't want that. Though my car is covered with a good car insurance still I have to take extra careful too. A friend of mine whose husband's work abroad called me the other day if I knew where to find a cheap car insurance I told her that there are many insurance companies that you could find but there is one that stand out and that is PA car insurance. She talked for awhile to my husband what to say and what to know and after they talked she immediately called and for just a few minute she got a quote and she was amaze how low cost their plan is. She is very happy now she found the best auto insurance company who does help.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marbles anyone?

Hey friends who among you remember how to play marbles and how many marbles you've got? We were in this store last Saturday, and by the looked from a far I thought it was candies. But when I was close enough, I noticed it was all marbles in different colors  and sizes! I don't know if kids now a days still play marbles but in my time boys and girls played a lot! Enjoy the pictures!

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Last Valentines day hubby and I went for a date. Well, for couples to know it is not only Valentines day that we couples go out for a date. dating for married, girlfriend/boyfriend, and even friends is a must. It is one way that we get to know more to each other. A wine and a good dinner in a very romantic place is for sure can lift up our relationship to each other. Hubby and I meet online, they said that having a long distance relationship is hard to maintain sure I agree to that. But for the two years that we chat online and we only see other in webcam we feel that each day that we meet online it is already a kind of dating to us. We see to it that we keep the fire burning even if we are not physically together but just  talking on anything is already a good thing for us. So when we meet after two years of chatting we see to it that we have enough time to each other more so when we get married  we put a priority of our date time because we love each other and that is what makes our dating moment more exciting. ^_^

For my brother

Yeheyy our temperature reached 40F!  This morning the sun came out and the whole day was just above freezing. And here in Michigan if the temperature is above freezing even if it is 40F that is already good weather for us. Hubby and I went to church at 10:30 am when we arrived the church is already packed. Thankfully, we found a space for us two, so after the mass we went to eat a late brunch. We used to that now and I told him it is my treat ^_^. We were there enjoying our brunch after wards hubby wanted to go window shopping for guns. So we went to this store that specialize  guns, ammunition and they even have a shooting range. Hubby loves to wander around that kind of store though just like me likes to wander around jewelry, shoes and clothing store lol! Then I remember my brother, he is a cop, I so wanted to give him a  bullet proof vest as a gift for his coming birthday. So I asked the man in-charge if they do sell Police equipment but he told me they used to but they don't have it anymore. He told me to just go look at the internet if there is a store that is close to us who sell it. But even if they don't have the stuff that I like for my brother I still did asked how much does it cost, well the cost makes my eyebrows arch lol!! It's expensive but it is worth if and for sure he would love to have it.

Insure yourself

It's Sunday once again and later today we are going to prepare ourselves for church then after church we are going to dine out. Yesterday was the birthday party of my oldest step-daughter and we went to Frankenmuth, Michigan. There were 40 people who came and I tell you with my DH family it is easy to come up with that number lol! Anyhow, it was really fun I took a lot of pictures because even if Frankenmuth is an hour drive from our place we don't go there that often.  But before we left for Frankenmuth yesterday afternoon, my cousin who is in London called me and we chatted for about 15 minutes. She just came out from her hospital duty as a nurse and she told me that aside from having a new apartment she might get a new car, wohooo!!  I am so happy for her I am very excited to visit her one day. But I do really told her that she should get motor trade insurance immediately and that is a must. Well, she said she knew it and I told her that is the priority thing to do after having a car.  I am going to call her last this afternoon to know if she follows my instruction hehe!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cuddly Ester


Camera Critters

This week Photo Hunter theme is about CUDDLY and because it is also time for Camera Critters I choose to post my long lost pet Ester the chicken. Who was massacred along with some other chickens in our backyard. And the culprit is our neighbors dog. After we knew and two of our neighbors saw the dog with a chicken in his mouth hubby went to that neighbor and talked about what happened. But to my DH surprised the neighbor seemed not interested about what was going on and what damage his dog has done to our chickens. I knew it is not nice to hate neighbors but I did, am I bad?  I cried so much when we found out that the dog massacred our chickens, it didn't happened once but thrice!! And one of the victims is my Ester and my one and only rooster. To avoid neighbors conflict and feud DH decided to bring the 11 remaining chickens to his son. Still now I felt bad about my neighbor, other neighbors who knew about it shun from being friendly with them because the owner never say sorry amidst the warnings from other neighbors. Oh well, I am happy but kind of sad to see our picture together. 
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shop premier

Last this afternoon hubby and I went to supermarket to do some grocery shopping. We went to two grocery store and when we came home it was already dark. Anyway, as we pull over at our driveway on the north side of our house. I did really noticed that, that part of our house is what I call a dead zone. No lighting in there and I don't like what I saw. The west and south side part of the house has enough lighting that I don't mind it at but the north side is kind of concerning me. When we were inside the house I told hubby about what I observed and good thing for him he don't go against my wishes or what I observe. He knew that that part of the house is dark, and he told me that if I I can wait for a little while he is going to fix it this coming Spring time when the weather become warmer. I was so excited I told him  that I already am looking to go Shop Premier for different kinds of lighting. He only smile at me and nod and that means YES!!

Full coverage

Today our home and car insurance bills came. Huh, how I wish that we don't pay any bills lol! But this is it, this is what life is.  I am the kind of person who likes to appreciate new cars specially my kind of car but every time I know the price, I had a hard time figuring it out how am I going to pay for the car insurance alone ^_^. So my first car is not a brand new one. The first owner is an old couple who had two cars and the one that they sold to us is just seating their inside their garage. So even if it is a second hand car it has a low mileage. That is why when hubby test drive it and knew how many mileage he didn't think twice he immediately bought it for me. As for me I really didn't care, I am a new driver and as a first timer I am not yet too skilled and too confident to drive alone much so if my car is a new one. In finding a car insurance hubby see to it that he could find a cheap full coverage insurance. And he got what he wanted because until now I still have cheap auto insurance. Thanks for hubby!

SkywatchFriday: Half moon

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Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...