Insure yourself

It's Sunday once again and later today we are going to prepare ourselves for church then after church we are going to dine out. Yesterday was the birthday party of my oldest step-daughter and we went to Frankenmuth, Michigan. There were 40 people who came and I tell you with my DH family it is easy to come up with that number lol! Anyhow, it was really fun I took a lot of pictures because even if Frankenmuth is an hour drive from our place we don't go there that often.  But before we left for Frankenmuth yesterday afternoon, my cousin who is in London called me and we chatted for about 15 minutes. She just came out from her hospital duty as a nurse and she told me that aside from having a new apartment she might get a new car, wohooo!!  I am so happy for her I am very excited to visit her one day. But I do really told her that she should get motor trade insurance immediately and that is a must. Well, she said she knew it and I told her that is the priority thing to do after having a car.  I am going to call her last this afternoon to know if she follows my instruction hehe!!


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