Winter storm

For now we are in winter storm alert and the weather channel says this would last until 7pm!! And added to that each hour is an additional of one inch of snow. When I get up this morning I think we already had 4 or 5 inches if the weather forecast will be right then, I am expecting to have another 10 inches of snow.  Thankfully, hubby and I did our grocery the other day because I can't imagine myself getting out there doing some grocery. I myself don't like driving in winter more specially if it is snowing hard, I get so panicky when I see cars in the ditch and I don't want that. Though my car is covered with a good car insurance still I have to take extra careful too. A friend of mine whose husband's work abroad called me the other day if I knew where to find a cheap car insurance I told her that there are many insurance companies that you could find but there is one that stand out and that is PA car insurance. She talked for awhile to my husband what to say and what to know and after they talked she immediately called and for just a few minute she got a quote and she was amaze how low cost their plan is. She is very happy now she found the best auto insurance company who does help.


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