Debt help

Thankfully, today it doesn't snow but it rained a bit. We were in the mall the whole afternoon I was browsing around while DH is just waiting for me when I am going to be done. Well sometimes when I went inside to a shop and I don't see any nice stuff I just looked and then left and go to another store. DH noticed that some store I love to hang in there and can browse for the whole hour but some store he call it "short live" lol. Anyhow, at this time where are economy is not doing well, I don't do impulse buying I tried to think before buying anything. Well, of course it is different when it is about food but even if it is food I had to think if we really do need it.
Yesterday, my DH son came to the house and just by the looked on his face I knew something wrong is going on. So DH and him talked and he told his Dad that he needs to credit counseling for the fact that they are overwhelm by how much they are indebted right now. Him and his fiance are getting married this year and it seems like their future is at a bleak. A friend of him tried to help them do the debt consolidation and he said it does help them a lot. But sometimes as human he can't sleep he got worried. Well his dad just listen to his woes and DH told his son that debt consolidation is really good if him and his fiance also had to discipline themselves and not to go back to any debt. 
It was also a good thing that he came to the house yesterday because I also had so much things to discover and learned about having a debt. Thankfully, their are some people who can help us right now because if not many people can go so depressed and that is not good. Well today even though we are at the mall but I ended up not buying anything hehe. I am watching what I spend.


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