I remember too well when I was young my mother used to tell us not to wash your face and that includes your eyes if prior to that I am reading so much. In other words if I tire my eyes don't wash your face!! But of course us girls/ladies/women can't do it! What the heck, we like to clean our face we even put cream to make it supple and flawless. I was in college then when I noticed something with my eyes. It seems that I am far sighted I can't see that well. So my mother brought me to a doctor and the doctor gave me my first glasses. I was happy then it is not because it will fix my eyes but because I looked cool hahaha!
Well that was then now I can't live the house with out my glasses specially when I am driving at night. But the thing is we went to this doctor, and he gave us this eye glasses that I myself really don't like it. Thankfully, we found out a cheap glasses that it will not only take care of your eyes but also take care of your pocket ^_^ haha. Now we are sticking to it because it is affordable I have different designs and colors that makes me look like fashionable ^_^ 


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