Last Valentines day hubby and I went for a date. Well, for couples to know it is not only Valentines day that we couples go out for a date. dating for married, girlfriend/boyfriend, and even friends is a must. It is one way that we get to know more to each other. A wine and a good dinner in a very romantic place is for sure can lift up our relationship to each other. Hubby and I meet online, they said that having a long distance relationship is hard to maintain sure I agree to that. But for the two years that we chat online and we only see other in webcam we feel that each day that we meet online it is already a kind of dating to us. We see to it that we keep the fire burning even if we are not physically together but just  talking on anything is already a good thing for us. So when we meet after two years of chatting we see to it that we have enough time to each other more so when we get married  we put a priority of our date time because we love each other and that is what makes our dating moment more exciting. ^_^


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