Full coverage

Today our home and car insurance bills came. Huh, how I wish that we don't pay any bills lol! But this is it, this is what life is.  I am the kind of person who likes to appreciate new cars specially my kind of car but every time I know the price, I had a hard time figuring it out how am I going to pay for the car insurance alone ^_^. So my first car is not a brand new one. The first owner is an old couple who had two cars and the one that they sold to us is just seating their inside their garage. So even if it is a second hand car it has a low mileage. That is why when hubby test drive it and knew how many mileage he didn't think twice he immediately bought it for me. As for me I really didn't care, I am a new driver and as a first timer I am not yet too skilled and too confident to drive alone much so if my car is a new one. In finding a car insurance hubby see to it that he could find a cheap full coverage insurance. And he got what he wanted because until now I still have cheap auto insurance. Thanks for hubby!


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