Repair pal

If there is a word pen pal there is also a word repair pal, sounds funny but it is really true. In the Philippines my brother has a car and every time something happened to his car he brought it to the local mechanic which in my own opinion is just a so so ^_^. Anyhow, one time I was in my Philippine vacation when his car broke. We had a hard time where to find a mechanic because you couldn't easily  find it there not like here in US you just had to call and somebody will tow your car and voila your car is already in the shop.
I really couldn't help not to see the difference because one time when hubby and I went to Texas our truck at that time is Chevrolet Silverado we are on the way to San Antonio, Texas when hubby noticed  something with the brakes. So since we are  in Dallas area he called immediately his nephew where to find the best auto repair shop and he gave the number of Dallas auto repair  in no time they came just a matter of minutes. They checked the truck and  they told hubby that there is a problem with the brakes and they have to do a brake job of course since the problem is  all about the brakes hubby just agreed to what ever they told him. It was quite a long ways from Dallas to San Antonio,  so we decided to stay the night in Dallas which for me it was a good decision.


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