Durom cup

My DH grow up in a farm and even though after his high school he works in an auto factory still being a farmer is a second skin to him. We live here in the farm where they own it for 100 years and more and living it here is a decision that I never regretted. Anyhow, because we live in the same farm where DH grew up we had the old huge red barn, tractors, backhoe, pole barn,  a corn crib that I mistakenly  called corn cob hahahaha!!! Hubby kept on telling me "it's not a corn cob but a corn crib", oh well in the Philippines we don't have that I only knew one crib a baby crib lol!!! And because we have all the amenities of what a farm is hubby who is already retired still very active in working the farm. Though we don't do much farming but on summer we bale hays, which I don't like ^_^ and gardening which I do like. 
One time her eldest sister slipped on the pavement, thankfully somebody was there and so she was helped immediately. And because of that I told hubby to be very careful because once our back or joints is busted I don't know if it will be repaired as good as new. I gave an example to his cousin who has an issues on zimmer durom cup. Anything like that should always be given extra attention because it is place inside our body. They are so used in working the farm that sometimes they just don't care or they don't put a lot of interest to their safety. And one of  his cousin, who is contemplating to get   durom cup hip replacement  and is looking  zimmer durom cup types  can't figure it out when is he going to get one. Aside from financial issues he is thinking of his self if he can do it. He is a bit too sick to get a surgery but he didn't shun from doing it but he said in the right time he will. 



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