Back to school

Last Saturday we went to Frankenmuth, Michigan to celebrate the birthday of my step-daughter. Oh well, I don't want to tell here how old she is she might read this entry that I told the whole wide world how old she is she might hate me lol!! Anyhow, while waiting for our reservation table to be set up we were in the lobby talking and waiting for other relatives to come. She is backed to school taking up respiratory therapy I am supposed to enroll with her but I told her she go first because I knew for sure they have math subject and I have a  Math problems since I was in college. Though I graduated with a degree of Accountancy but accounting and math is different lol! So I thought it for several days  before telling my step-daughter about enrolling the course, I need Math help first since I am the kind of person who likes to be prepared.
Along our conversation she told us that the other day she forgot that they had a quiz hahaha. We all laugh we told her it must be the age lol!! She didn't know what was the result of the test yet the professor didn't gave them the result. She also told us that she enjoyed going back to school  but it is kind like she need to go to this site Algebra help for her to be more confident in dealing with the Algebra subject.  Just by the word Algebra makes my eyebrows raise to the highest level, for sure Algebra and Fractions are not my best friend for now. 
But I don't really have a choice because before fall I am going to enroll in this particular course so hoping that by that time my step-daughter has a lot to share with me. Looking forward to that time though. 


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