Click Local

Do you like to travel? And when you travel do you have a little difficulty where to find some of the best local shops? Well I do.  Hubby and I love to travel but sometimes it is kind of hard to find local shops or recreational parks or any spots of a particular place that local or outside tourist love to hang out.  Hubby told me that when the weather will warm up we are going to start to travel again this year. Of course, I am so very excited and we have places that we are eyeing already like Atlanta, GA , I heard that they have a huge aquarium there and great shopping malls. Aside from that  I so love peaches too. Then our second choice is Buffalo, NY , why, because I have an Aunt who lives there and I haven't seen her for ages. The last time she saw me was when I was in grade school I couldn't even remember here. Thankfully with all this social network site she sees my picture and I saw her and her family pictures. Aside from meeting my Aunt, I so love to visit the Statue of Liberty that is my aim in life lol!! Then the third place I love to visit too is St. Louis, MO a very beautiful mid western state that has full of charm and beauty. But we couldn't achieve this of course without the help of easy click in the internet. Remember if we don't know the local shops and parks the trip is no fun at all.


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