For my brother

Yeheyy our temperature reached 40F!  This morning the sun came out and the whole day was just above freezing. And here in Michigan if the temperature is above freezing even if it is 40F that is already good weather for us. Hubby and I went to church at 10:30 am when we arrived the church is already packed. Thankfully, we found a space for us two, so after the mass we went to eat a late brunch. We used to that now and I told him it is my treat ^_^. We were there enjoying our brunch after wards hubby wanted to go window shopping for guns. So we went to this store that specialize  guns, ammunition and they even have a shooting range. Hubby loves to wander around that kind of store though just like me likes to wander around jewelry, shoes and clothing store lol! Then I remember my brother, he is a cop, I so wanted to give him a  bullet proof vest as a gift for his coming birthday. So I asked the man in-charge if they do sell Police equipment but he told me they used to but they don't have it anymore. He told me to just go look at the internet if there is a store that is close to us who sell it. But even if they don't have the stuff that I like for my brother I still did asked how much does it cost, well the cost makes my eyebrows arch lol!! It's expensive but it is worth if and for sure he would love to have it.


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