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Last this afternoon hubby and I went to supermarket to do some grocery shopping. We went to two grocery store and when we came home it was already dark. Anyway, as we pull over at our driveway on the north side of our house. I did really noticed that, that part of our house is what I call a dead zone. No lighting in there and I don't like what I saw. The west and south side part of the house has enough lighting that I don't mind it at but the north side is kind of concerning me. When we were inside the house I told hubby about what I observed and good thing for him he don't go against my wishes or what I observe. He knew that that part of the house is dark, and he told me that if I I can wait for a little while he is going to fix it this coming Spring time when the weather become warmer. I was so excited I told him  that I already am looking to go Shop Premier for different kinds of lighting. He only smile at me and nod and that means YES!!


Vernz said…
Manang Kim, thanks for dropping by anything davao ....

In Luzon yes ... some areas were already declared a calamnity area .... kng dili baha ,,, init .. ay naku ...!

sa Davao fortunately wala man ... unta dili ... knock on wood...

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Vernz said…
Manang Kim, meron akong beautiful award para sa you .... sana igrab mu... hehehe!

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