Thursday, December 31, 2009

Flawless skin

It's almost New Year I am starting to count now and also I am trying to stay awake tonight for I like to see the Blue Moon. But in the Philippines they already close to New Year since they are 12 hours advance I talked to my niece and  I could hardly hear her because of the merry making sound at her background. But she was able to greet me Happy New Year and I greeted her too a Happy Birthday. At the stroke of midnight Philippines time she will be 20 years old and she told me that she had an Acne problem (that is sad) I told her I know how it feels I do have that experienced when I was in my 20's and it bugs me a lot.
As for me since I am in my early 40's with the hormonal change and all...I had a hard time maintaining a supple flawless skin specially on m face. Sometimes I feel so ugly hubby lift my spirit telling me I am the most beautiful woman in whole wide world ^_^! Thankfully after telling my friends about my concern one friend of mine told me about Resurgence she used it that is why she had a supple skin. I was so eager to get it immediately and tried it and she continued to tell me to visit first Murad coupon codes in order for me to get a good deal. Now I am waiting for my stuff to arrived and I am looking forward to see back my flawless skin.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ABC Wednesday: X is for Xerophyte


The letter for this week is letter....X! I looked around and thankfully I got what I like to show off here the picture says it all and in the dictionary this plant is also called Xerophyte......
                       desert plant: a plant that is adapted for a dry habitat, for example, a cactus
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved

                                               How is that for a Xerophyte -wink-wink-
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Neat apartment mailboxes

Yesterday hubby and I went to see his granddaughter at Port Huron, MI. When we got in her place I was amazed by how pretty the apartment complex are and the cluster mailboxes are very neat. We got in time because when we got there my husbands granddaughter arrived from work too. So we chatted for awhile and exchange fun memories after our family Christmas party last Saturday.
Then I see this flashes outside I thought it came from a police car but when I looked outside it was the mailman car. My step-granddaughter asked me if I like to come with her get the mails. So off we go to the apartment mailboxes it blew me away when I saw it closely, it is very neat and clean and each apartment mailboxes  has  a locked very securely attached. That is why my step-granddaughter like the place so much.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Window plant boxes

So now it is officially Winter and here in MI we are covered with all white and naked brown trees. Except for the Christmas lights that soon will be gone too no more lively different colors that you could see and find. Well this coming Spring which I am looking forward to, I am planning to put all our window a window boxes planters.
Since I came here in US I've been bugging my hubby to buy me a window boxes but every time we visited the  garden supply store I couldn't find what I like.  I like to beautify our home this coming spring and plant many different flowers in a window box. Thankfully, I found a website that show case different and beautiful window flower boxes I showed hubby the site and again thankfully he agreed to order those window boxes for me yipeeeyyy!!

MellowYellowMonday & Blue Monday: Tricycle or Trisikad


The last time I went to the Philippines I was able to take a picture of one of our public transportation there. These is the cheapest transportation  you could find in our place and they will take you where ever you want to go...and I called it door to door delivery because they will take you right at the door where you want. For me this kind of transportation is also the most hard to do because it doesn't take a gasoline to run the tricycle instead the driver use his/her two legs to run it.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Coupons galore..

What fascinated me so much here in US is that if you are wise enough to find ways and means to save.....we can save a lot!! I am a self-proclaim thrift diva, online coupons diva, coupons codes or coupons diva  and I don't care if people will think that it is cheap to go online to look for discounts, what the heck if I could save few $$$ why not, right?
Some people have qualms in clipping coupons from superstores or from their favorite stores but not me.  I have a smile on my face because I rub that way to my hubby which is really good. Before he just go to his favorite store like Best Buy and Target  and if he found the stuff that he likes to buy then he bought it immediately. Now he change a lot he look first if there is some online coupons for a particular stuff that he like to buy wise move huh!  This past week since it was giving season, hubby give me as a Christmas gift my first Nikon and a Wii I was so happy I didn't expected I have a gift from him I didn't asked for anything. But he surprises me big time.

Medical training anyone?

When I was in grade school I thought that just by finishing college that is already enough. Geez I found out after you got your degree we have to get another courses to upgrade or enhance our degree.
My cousin who is now working in London took courses in medical teaching course. Her and her family are already there  and she got her doctors degree in London after working as nurse for quite sometime. She worked very hard and by being intelligent she took another degree in medical field.. She told me that by just having a degree is not enough she has to get several courses like doctors teaching coursee in order for her to keep the fast pace in medical world. She is doing really good in her chosen career. I've known here as being intelligent when we were in grade school but didn't really grasp how smart she is not after she got all this courses in hand. I am so happy for her, for me she deserves it, she works hard and love her profession so much.

Living in luxury

Been thinking of places to visit and spend sometime next year and one place that it came right away is Boston,MA. I've been hearing so many nice words about this place and just by looking at the random pictures in the area amazes me already. But in order to stay there and experience the opulence that brings, hubby and I look Bushari Group Real Estate. 
Hubby and I are considering to look more for Boston condos and Boston Real Estate  just give you what you need in looking for luxurious property. One thing that I like is that they are professional and they help you in finding what you really like and for your money's worth. So many Real Estate in Boston are available now and many are coming but because we rely the good service of Boston Real Estate there is nothing for me and hubby to be afraid other words we are in good hands.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Algebra 101

What would make you feel elated and be known in your school? Well aside from being a cheer leader or being a sports figure you can also be known for being a math wizard how is that?? LOL!! It's my dream to be like a math wizard (nothing is wrong to dream), specially algebra. I am not very very poor in math problems but I just wanted myself to be not afraid or freak out when I heard algebra-word-problems or math-word-problems.
This is my problem now because every time I look for online courses all the time they have math in their curriculum and as I have said it freaks me out!! Thankfully I have found out that there is an online algebra tutor 24/7 how is that. My step-daughters son is in K-12 and he is telling me that it helps him a lot  the pay for a month is just $99.99 and it's worth the money. His grades went up dramatically his mind didn't clamor for algebra help anymore. He is confident with solving algebra because of algebra tutoring he is in. His friends asked him how he do it he told them he is enrolled in algebra 2 help he explained that when you get online they are there to help you immediately which is really good for like me who just by reading the name algebra or math word makes me freak out. I told hubby about online algebra tutor and he agrees that I will take it online  since it will help me a lot for my plan in going to college next year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pamper your kid...

How do you pamper your I don't have a kid per se but I do have three nieces and one nephew that I so love dearly. I love to give them things like books, stuff toys and other stuff that kids like.
So every time I go to a store I see to it that how much  money I spend is worth it. I am kind of  a picky shopper because I want the stuff that I give to my nieces and nephew will last that long.  One time I send my nieces and nephew a stuff toy and you know what it only take more than an hour the stuff toys are like a rag already. I was kind of a little frustrated I didn't expected, it would broke or ruin that fast. So I learned my lesson fast if we buy it cheap the material is cheap too, so why not buy something that is worth of your money. That is why my friend told me to buy jellycat instead, jellycat is a stuff animal every kid will enjoy they are so cute, huggable, fluffy and cuddly.  I could tell when I ordered it online and gave my nieces and nephew each one they  want their jellycat to be around them all the time even when night night time.
Then came with me choosing their clothing. Some kids clothes are not so kid friendly ( I hope parents knew that)  it cause them itchiness because I guess of the materials. But I discovered that appaman and barefoot dreams are the most comfortable, colorful, soft and light clothing every kid would love. How can a toddler, an infant or a kid could sleep tight at night if their clothing isn't comfortable enough. So for parents to have their kids have a good night sleep they should try appaman and barefoot dreams clothing it's the money worth spending for. 

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Oh gush this makes me cry....not because of sadness but of joy watching this kid singing Happy Birthday Jesus...she is so innocent and very real in singing Happy Birthday.
this is amazing ...a four year old child understands the true meaning of christmas but we adults get caught up in all the hype that just takes away from Gods glory...we should all be more like this blessed little girl (fr:dannyTmichelleZ)

Merry Christmas to one and all!!

To all my friends here in blogosphere I will take a time off starting today till Sunday for an obvious reason  it's CHRISTMAS!!! ^_^ I wish you all a safe and joyous Christmas with your family and friends. God bless!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Save water...

Are you a person who likes to save? I do!! I save money, I save electricity more so I save water 
as in conservatively. In summer time I save electricity by not using our dryer instead I hanged the clothes outside. The hotter the sun the better because the whiff of a dry clothes is much more natural smelling.
For water, I don't use dish washer I used my hands to clean dishes that way I knew how much water I used. I also don't washed our cars through our garden hose ^_^ I go to a an auto wash at least in there they knew how much water they gonna use for a car. And thankfully in out toilet we do have Dual Flush Toilets.
The first time I saw this dual flush toilets was  in the Philippines that was in the year 2001 when we had a toilet repair. Of course our toilet then was so primitive ^_^. When I went to buy a flush toilet in one of our hardware in our city my friend who happens to be the owner recommended me this dual flush toilets of course I was a bet hesitant because it is my first but when I read the brochure and how you can save water with this dual  flush toilets I didn't hesitate to buy one. And until now, since that time my family back in the Philippines never had a problem with our dual flush toilets.
When I got here in USA last 2004 I do really suggested my hubby to change our toilet to dual flush toilets I explained it to him how it works and he was sold to it. I am thankful that even in our simplest way we can help save water and our environment too.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ABC Wednesday W is for World War II

Another round of ABC Wednesday meme is here again and the letter for this week is letter W.  I am eager to show this picture from my husbands Uncle,  that was taken in India where he was assigned in World War II. This picture was hanged on the wall and everybody looked at it with awe and my Uncle W (his name starts with W too) is very proud of it he instantly like to share stories of that war. He is 90 years old now but memories of that war still clings in his fragile mind. We are proud of him too for serving our country... to our Uncle W we salute you!!

                                        From the left seating...our Uncle W is the 4th one

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Insurance is a must...

Was happy today for so long a time I chatted my cousin over the internet, geez it's been awhile I haven't seen her nor talked to her. She is pregnant and her due is next month she and her husband is very excited as I am  excited for her too. We've talked so many things and our chatted goes to
Temporary Insurance she told me she needs it so much she is going to have a baby and her and her husband is looking forward to give their baby a security. I told her, her plan is just very good because we all need insurance in our life. And aside from that it is very nice to start now before the baby comes, in order to prepare everything really well. She is the kind of person who likes to be systematic and everything has to be in order and I couldn't say no because I too likes to prepare everything I don't like a lot of surprises.

Sleep tight...

It is so cold outside hubby and I just like to snuggle in front of our wood stove while seeping good hot chocolate and watching movie as well. But one thing that bugs me is our bed which I don't like because it is not very comfortable anymore.  I told him the other day that we need to buy a new leather beds for us to be comfortable and also so we can sleep tight at night. He has a problem with sleeping he tossed back and forth and I told him our bed could be the problem. He  positioned himself all over the bed and he agreed to me that our bed needs to be dumped and get a new
leather beds yay I was so happy we have to say bye bye to the old bed and hello to a new one. To get a good sleep is a must and to have a very nice leather beds is the best!!

Need a math tutor?

Why is it that math is so hard? I don't know for some people, but for me I find math very hard. Good thing now we could find online math tutoring and it is not that expensive, very affordable parents could afford even in this economic crises that we are experiencing right not.
My step-daughter two kids a daughter and a son are in K-12 and college respectively. Last month her college son phoned her that he had a hard time in one of his subject and it is  all about calculus. His mom didn't argue more about it because we all knew that calculus is hard so he told his son to go to Precalculus help online to find how to get an expert to his math problems.  The daughter on the other hand has a problem with chemistry (and who doesn't?) so her mom enrolled her to chemistry help . She is so very at peace that her kids are doing online tutoring because even if she is not around with them an expert could help them with their assignments which sometimes parents dreaded to do too because they themselves don't know nothing about math problems.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Gift baskets for babies...

I guess everybody is already done shopping and done gift wrapping and already set for Christmas eve oh well not me lol!! I  have not start shopping yet much more gift wrapping ^_^.
I think this is one of my weaknesses I don't like standing waiting for long lines to pay for just a single stuff! I don't like shoving and pushing people because our eyes and mind are all in one thing -gush-. Then most of all which I dreaded most is I don't like too many people inside the mall or inside a store shopping ^_^ because I remember when I did shopped 3 years ago I ended up getting so sick I didn't enjoy my holiday season. Thankfully we have other options now a days...we have online shopping.
Last Friday, we received a baby shower invitation for next month...and that was my 3rd baby shower invitation -hum- oh well they keep on coming what we can do about it?? LOL!! So instead of going around the mall shopping I did try to buy my baby gift baskets online. They have so many items to choose from for little tiny bundle for girls and boys. The colors are in pastel colors and there baby gift baskets are very strong  and well designed. Mommy to be will just love it  seeing those items inside the baby gift baskets are comfortable and excellent for their soon to be baby. 

My header the nativity scene


Yes my entry for this week  MellowYellowMonday and Blue Monday is my header....My Nativity Scene. Been trying to look for some yellows and blues that will conduit with what we are celebrating this week, I found out that my nativity scene and my little Christmas tree has enough colors to show off. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!!
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                               a moment is the answer to all of lifes mysteries!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The fast and the critter....

I've been browsing my picture folder this past few days for my entries on camera critters and photo hunter. I found two pictures...

Took this picture when  we visited Holland, Michigan in there Tulip Festival two years ago. Isn't he a cutie...for sure when this horse will run I'll panic because he got a horse power!! ^_^

Now, what about this one...he is a critter and fast before, but now no more. I took this photo at Frederik Meijers Garden and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ABC Wednesday: Vine (grape vine)

Once again it's time for ABC Wednesday and for this week it is all about letter V!! My V  for this week is grape Vine. Got this picture last summer.

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Where's my mail...

Are you a person who likes to look mailboxes? I do! For me it makes the house more prettier if the mailbox is pretty. Two years ago we were in San Antonio, Texas to attend a wedding. The grooms parents lives in a subdivision close to LBJ lake and oh my goodness as in one thing that first capture my attention aside from the roof are the gorgeous mailbox each house have. Wow they make my eyes popped (aside from the huge house that we passed by)!! I asked my hubby how much those mailboxes could be hubby said it cost a lot but finding one for your liking and your price range is not that hard.
I found out that having a strong mailbox is very important specially here in my place when in winter we are all covered with snow. Our experienced last winter, we were late in our payments because our mailbox knocked down and the mails that was inside was scattered in the ground. Some we were able to retrieved but because of the snow some was buried. We only found it when the snow melted down. Then when if somebody is looking for our house the number that is attached on the mailbox is not that clear from the road. Hubby change it when we got all those problems and thankfully he fixed it. Now our mailbox is sturdy that we can rely on.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Career wise...

Yesterday, Sunday we attended the graduation of my husbands niece. She finished her nursing degree  with flying colors though it takes her 4 1/2 years to finished,  but the happiest part is that she got a job immediately in one of the hospital here. After high school she knew what she wanted to do that is why she immediately look for a nursing schools and after 4 1/2 years she got the degree.
And because of what is happening right now where people are being lay off and some are having a hard time finding a job, I am thinking of enrolling and advancing my career through this website. It is about time for me to advance my career prior to what I had finished in the Philippines. Hubby and I were discussing about this for quite a time now and thankfully he is very supportive of me.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scenic Sunday & Mellow Yellow Monday: Niagara Falls

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday and Mellow Yellow Monday once again and mine was taken last year at
Niagara Falls, Canada. This place is facing Niagara Falls and it is gorgeous just by standing there watching the people go by,watching the falls while munching good food ^_^

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Camera Critters: The bugs & PhotoHunt- Undesirable

Camera Critters

My camera critter entry for this week is the bug. I think people are familiar to this one specially in summer. They used to come late spring and they multiply a lot in summer. I don't like them that is why I put this bug as my entry to PhotoHunt as undesirable too,  don't like them but don't like to kill them they have lives to live ^-^. I took this picture last summer and here it is. But hey anybody know what's the name of this bug?

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Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...