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Are you a person who likes to save? I do!! I save money, I save electricity more so I save water 
as in conservatively. In summer time I save electricity by not using our dryer instead I hanged the clothes outside. The hotter the sun the better because the whiff of a dry clothes is much more natural smelling.
For water, I don't use dish washer I used my hands to clean dishes that way I knew how much water I used. I also don't washed our cars through our garden hose ^_^ I go to a an auto wash at least in there they knew how much water they gonna use for a car. And thankfully in out toilet we do have Dual Flush Toilets.
The first time I saw this dual flush toilets was  in the Philippines that was in the year 2001 when we had a toilet repair. Of course our toilet then was so primitive ^_^. When I went to buy a flush toilet in one of our hardware in our city my friend who happens to be the owner recommended me this dual flush toilets of course I was a bet hesitant because it is my first but when I read the brochure and how you can save water with this dual  flush toilets I didn't hesitate to buy one. And until now, since that time my family back in the Philippines never had a problem with our dual flush toilets.
When I got here in USA last 2004 I do really suggested my hubby to change our toilet to dual flush toilets I explained it to him how it works and he was sold to it. I am thankful that even in our simplest way we can help save water and our environment too.


I think you are doing a good job contributing towards a greener environment. A simple gesture on our part, a profound effect on the environment. Merry Christmas!
magiceye said…
appreciate your concern....
Melanie Palmero said…

I wanted to send you a quick note because I read what you wrote about water conservation above.

I just finished helping to create an infographic about how much fresh water goes into things we do and consume. The idea is to bring a little extra awareness to what our every day impact is.

Some of the information was pretty surprising! I had no idea just how much water is needed to produce some of the foods I eat...

Anyway, after reading what you wrote, I thought you might like to use the infographic on My Lifes Journey In Focus.

It's totally free to use, of course. If you do use it, please link back to the original source so anyone else that would like to use it can too.

The infographic is here in the original post link:


~ Mel

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