Sunday, December 27, 2009

Coupons galore..

What fascinated me so much here in US is that if you are wise enough to find ways and means to save.....we can save a lot!! I am a self-proclaim thrift diva, online coupons diva, coupons codes or coupons diva  and I don't care if people will think that it is cheap to go online to look for discounts, what the heck if I could save few $$$ why not, right?
Some people have qualms in clipping coupons from superstores or from their favorite stores but not me.  I have a smile on my face because I rub that way to my hubby which is really good. Before he just go to his favorite store like Best Buy and Target  and if he found the stuff that he likes to buy then he bought it immediately. Now he change a lot he look first if there is some online coupons for a particular stuff that he like to buy wise move huh!  This past week since it was giving season, hubby give me as a Christmas gift my first Nikon and a Wii I was so happy I didn't expected I have a gift from him I didn't asked for anything. But he surprises me big time.

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