Window plant boxes

So now it is officially Winter and here in MI we are covered with all white and naked brown trees. Except for the Christmas lights that soon will be gone too no more lively different colors that you could see and find. Well this coming Spring which I am looking forward to, I am planning to put all our window a window boxes planters.
Since I came here in US I've been bugging my hubby to buy me a window boxes but every time we visited the  garden supply store I couldn't find what I like.  I like to beautify our home this coming spring and plant many different flowers in a window box. Thankfully, I found a website that show case different and beautiful window flower boxes I showed hubby the site and again thankfully he agreed to order those window boxes for me yipeeeyyy!!


peggy gatto said…
OH MY!!! I love these, thank you!!!!
I am passing this link on to my garden friends!!!
Manang Kim said…
Hehe thank you peggy!!
marykay said…
Hi Kim! Your blog is so festive and I like your nativity scene above. I'm assuming that is your set in your home. I like those window box you are talking about. It makes a home looks so cozy and cute. my friend has some on her patio and she plants cabbage!! it looks so pretty! anyway, i hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!
Manang Kim said…
Hello Kay...girl I missed yah but I know your too bz down your end just keep you in my thoughts all the time. Anyway, a cabbage wow that makes me think of what I am going to do when the window box arrive will be planting some herbs instead of flower..that would be cool. Thanks for the idea ^_^!!
Quilt Works said…
Thank you for your visit!
I am also very interested in planter gardens! I have a vegetable and flower garden on my patio in containers - I boght a drip irrigation system last spring to make it easier on me to keep them happy! Check out my review on it in my blog.

Hugs and tags!

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