Where's my mail...

Are you a person who likes to look mailboxes? I do! For me it makes the house more prettier if the mailbox is pretty. Two years ago we were in San Antonio, Texas to attend a wedding. The grooms parents lives in a subdivision close to LBJ lake and oh my goodness as in one thing that first capture my attention aside from the roof are the gorgeous mailbox each house have. Wow they make my eyes popped (aside from the huge house that we passed by)!! I asked my hubby how much those mailboxes could be hubby said it cost a lot but finding one for your liking and your price range is not that hard.
I found out that having a strong mailbox is very important specially here in my place when in winter we are all covered with snow. Our experienced last winter, we were late in our payments because our mailbox knocked down and the mails that was inside was scattered in the ground. Some we were able to retrieved but because of the snow some was buried. We only found it when the snow melted down. Then when if somebody is looking for our house the number that is attached on the mailbox is not that clear from the road. Hubby change it when we got all those problems and thankfully he fixed it. Now our mailbox is sturdy that we can rely on.


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