Medical training anyone?

When I was in grade school I thought that just by finishing college that is already enough. Geez I found out after you got your degree we have to get another courses to upgrade or enhance our degree.
My cousin who is now working in London took courses in medical teaching course. Her and her family are already there  and she got her doctors degree in London after working as nurse for quite sometime. She worked very hard and by being intelligent she took another degree in medical field.. She told me that by just having a degree is not enough she has to get several courses like doctors teaching coursee in order for her to keep the fast pace in medical world. She is doing really good in her chosen career. I've known here as being intelligent when we were in grade school but didn't really grasp how smart she is not after she got all this courses in hand. I am so happy for her, for me she deserves it, she works hard and love her profession so much.


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