Pamper your kid...

How do you pamper your I don't have a kid per se but I do have three nieces and one nephew that I so love dearly. I love to give them things like books, stuff toys and other stuff that kids like.
So every time I go to a store I see to it that how much  money I spend is worth it. I am kind of  a picky shopper because I want the stuff that I give to my nieces and nephew will last that long.  One time I send my nieces and nephew a stuff toy and you know what it only take more than an hour the stuff toys are like a rag already. I was kind of a little frustrated I didn't expected, it would broke or ruin that fast. So I learned my lesson fast if we buy it cheap the material is cheap too, so why not buy something that is worth of your money. That is why my friend told me to buy jellycat instead, jellycat is a stuff animal every kid will enjoy they are so cute, huggable, fluffy and cuddly.  I could tell when I ordered it online and gave my nieces and nephew each one they  want their jellycat to be around them all the time even when night night time.
Then came with me choosing their clothing. Some kids clothes are not so kid friendly ( I hope parents knew that)  it cause them itchiness because I guess of the materials. But I discovered that appaman and barefoot dreams are the most comfortable, colorful, soft and light clothing every kid would love. How can a toddler, an infant or a kid could sleep tight at night if their clothing isn't comfortable enough. So for parents to have their kids have a good night sleep they should try appaman and barefoot dreams clothing it's the money worth spending for. 


super sweet naman ni tita kim sa kanyang mga pamangkin....biglang namiss ko tuloy mga pamangkin ko...kapag nagpapabili din sa akin mga pamangkin kong makukulit noon talagang bigay ko gusto nila.

by the way manang, sorry now lang naka visit ang prego. my nausea is still on/off. hopefully my nausea will be over soon so i can go back to my usual bloghopping routine.

Merry Christmas manang ^_^

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