Camera Critters: The bugs & PhotoHunt- Undesirable

Camera Critters

My camera critter entry for this week is the bug. I think people are familiar to this one specially in summer. They used to come late spring and they multiply a lot in summer. I don't like them that is why I put this bug as my entry to PhotoHunt as undesirable too,  don't like them but don't like to kill them they have lives to live ^-^. I took this picture last summer and here it is. But hey anybody know what's the name of this bug?

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Denise said…
They are very pretty as bugs go, but very destructive too? Very interesting photo.
Q said…
I know these bugs as the Box Elder.
I love bugs and yes they also have lives to live.
So happy to have found your blog.
May you have a blessed holiday.
eileeninmd said…
I am not into bugs at all. but you got a great capture.
shaunta said…
Ick...but some bugs do good things too. I wonder if this one of them? Maybe they eat something even ickier!
I've seen them but don't know name. I also like to let bugs live their lives :)
Bull Rhino said…
We get lots of these "Box Elder" bugs in the fall. I'd rather have them than flies or mosquitoes.
Karine said…
Greta shot of the bugs, they are not easy critters to capture!
yup! no one likes bug and no one even like to be bugged! Nice entry!
Carver said…
I have those bugs in the summer too and think they are pretty but not good if they eat the plants. Great idea for the theme.
Call me weird bugs don't bother me but I understand that some bugs or to many of one kind does harm.

Thanks for visiting earlier the coffee is always on.
marta said…
Good photo of bugs. Some are quite beautiful but I hate some them that come in house.
Gattina said…
All insects look disgusting to me except a bee or a ladybug !
Esther Garvi said…
I'm not a bug person either but every species has its place in the world, and even bugs can be charming. Yours are cute!
Thanks for visiting!
bookbabie said…
Yep, we get those too now, and the stupid Asian Beetles!
Maria Berg said…
Don´t know the name but sen them before, MB
lisaschaos said…
I don't know what they are but they are pretty! I have seen them before, just don't wanna touch them, lol.
annie said…
I've seen those bugs before! Don't know what they are though. Great take on the theme.
They look like giant cockroaches, lol. Maybe they are related to cockroaches. But they make the leaves look greener and more colorful. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Those bugs definitely qualify as undesireable!

To answer your question, we went to Paula Deen's for lunch and it was very affordable.
Irene said…
Thanks for dropping by, so sorry that I didn’t manage to stop by last week, too busy.

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