Algebra 101

What would make you feel elated and be known in your school? Well aside from being a cheer leader or being a sports figure you can also be known for being a math wizard how is that?? LOL!! It's my dream to be like a math wizard (nothing is wrong to dream), specially algebra. I am not very very poor in math problems but I just wanted myself to be not afraid or freak out when I heard algebra-word-problems or math-word-problems.
This is my problem now because every time I look for online courses all the time they have math in their curriculum and as I have said it freaks me out!! Thankfully I have found out that there is an online algebra tutor 24/7 how is that. My step-daughters son is in K-12 and he is telling me that it helps him a lot  the pay for a month is just $99.99 and it's worth the money. His grades went up dramatically his mind didn't clamor for algebra help anymore. He is confident with solving algebra because of algebra tutoring he is in. His friends asked him how he do it he told them he is enrolled in algebra 2 help he explained that when you get online they are there to help you immediately which is really good for like me who just by reading the name algebra or math word makes me freak out. I told hubby about online algebra tutor and he agrees that I will take it online  since it will help me a lot for my plan in going to college next year.


Life Moto said…
Hi Manang Kim
Merry blessed Christmas to you and your family. May you have joy and peace always in your heart !

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