Neat apartment mailboxes

Yesterday hubby and I went to see his granddaughter at Port Huron, MI. When we got in her place I was amazed by how pretty the apartment complex are and the cluster mailboxes are very neat. We got in time because when we got there my husbands granddaughter arrived from work too. So we chatted for awhile and exchange fun memories after our family Christmas party last Saturday.
Then I see this flashes outside I thought it came from a police car but when I looked outside it was the mailman car. My step-granddaughter asked me if I like to come with her get the mails. So off we go to the apartment mailboxes it blew me away when I saw it closely, it is very neat and clean and each apartment mailboxes  has  a locked very securely attached. That is why my step-granddaughter like the place so much.



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