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Yesterday, Sunday we attended the graduation of my husbands niece. She finished her nursing degree  with flying colors though it takes her 4 1/2 years to finished,  but the happiest part is that she got a job immediately in one of the hospital here. After high school she knew what she wanted to do that is why she immediately look for a nursing schools and after 4 1/2 years she got the degree.
And because of what is happening right now where people are being lay off and some are having a hard time finding a job, I am thinking of enrolling and advancing my career through this website. It is about time for me to advance my career prior to what I had finished in the Philippines. Hubby and I were discussing about this for quite a time now and thankfully he is very supportive of me.


wow, finishing that degree is not that easy with flying colors pa, she is blessed indeed!

Thanks for the visit Kim. Yes, I'm very glad that my site is now ok. Thanks.
Christina D. said…
You could try going to Strayer University. They have an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Find out more here:

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