Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quake at the Lake

Hanging out at the Lake almost every weekend is a lot of fun!

                                                        Speedboat competition

Hot and sexy spectators

Ain't this a very huge and beautiful house? 

                                                    Got to love this kind of life!! ^_^
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White tip dragonfly

                                                     Another photo shoot of dragonflies

                                                                MACRO MONDAY

Straight out of the Camera Sunday

Was at the lake today with friends. I attended a baby shower party. After eating we rode the pontoon boat and roamed around the lake. We saw this house and I like it. Wish this is mine lol! Look at the last photo I do like the reflection on this one ^_^

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5 point capital

Looking for something to help you start a small business? Well 5 Point Capital is for me what I found very practical in helping out start a business. You see 5 Point Capital is a company where in they lease and finance you in all your needs. If you ask what is lease all about? Here is what I can say, if we start a business in any kind like medical, office, construction or restaurant business we have to buy all the furniture and fixtures right? Even the simplest garbage can we have to buy for it. Now I found out that 5 Point Capital is the solution. I have said earlier it's the practical way to get all your furniture and fixture lease it!!
When I learn about this company I was amaze. I was thinking I might start a small business then because for one I don't have to think about buying all the things that I need in the office and so therefore I don't have no credit to pay. And if I don't have no credit to pay just for the leasing payment then I can save more and that means prosperity in business. I informed hubby about this company and he too was amaze. He added to say this is the good deal specially in our present economic situation when it's hard to start a small business because of too many expenses. So to those who are planning for a small or big business empire try to visit the link and learn for yourself because for sure you won't regret it.

National benefit authority

I was talking to a friend the other day about storms. And she said that she is very afraid when there is a storm warning. I told her me too I am scared when I heard the warning signal for storms. Her husband told him not to worry because the insurance is going to pay for it anyway. But she told him that it's not that why she is scared but she is scared for their life and for the people.
For me I also don't think of insurance or any help after the storm. What I do hope that we are all spared by any kind of fortuitous event. In Canada The National Benefit Authority is dedicated to help Canadians for disabilities. Well this kind of help is understandable because it's physical and if we don't have this kind of help you don't work and what's gonna happen them, right? It's a good thing that The National Benefit Authority is there ready to help. I wonder how they can approve certain disabilities like mental illness. If it's really a real one or fake. We all knew that their are so many scams all over the country and to figure it out is a challenge to them. ^_^

Saturday, July 30, 2011


If you see it close this is an abandoned building. Actually this is my first time to see this building as hubby and I passed one day. Thankfully, the traffic is slow and so I was able to take a snap while hubby is closely driving the car. This building is in the area where the place is heavily devastated by the economic crunched here in Michigan. I figure it out that this is once an apartment building because what you can see is only the left side corner of the whole building and there is a middle part and the right side part of this building. So just imagine how huge this building is. Why this is my photo for this theme Hidden is because we knew for the fact that beyond this dilapidated worn out facade, sad emotion was hidden for the people who once live here.  As I am looking the photo and trying to see all smallest cracks and tore out window, I could tell this place is once very beautiful. And what is hidden inside is what I am very curious to see but because this place is like no mans land hubby would for sure never allow me to even go near this place. It's a sad photo and for sure there are a lot of sad stories to go with it but it's the reality. 
                                                 My ROUND ROBIN PHOTO CHALLENGE

Richard Coles a Haitian

When Haiti was struck but a mega earthquake where were you at that time? I remember I was here at home and saw the news broadcast that Haiti had an earthquake. Many people don't know where is Haiti and if it's a country and how many population they have. In any kind of calamity in anywhere of the world USA is the number one who is there to help. I remember that our church asked for a donation in any kind. Since it's hard to go there because nobody knows if there will be more earthquake or after shocks, nobody in our church are not allowed to go there to help. What we did is to donate some money and together we pray that everything will be okey. But we know that this kind of devastation can cripple any small or big country much so Haiti. Then the other day I read an article titled Richard Coles Haiti. It says about the works of Richard Cole and what he is doing in Haiti. As the article says that Richard Coles is both descendant of English and African heritage and he owned a business there.
After I read the article it made me stop and think. How many people those what we call filthy rich had some kind of thinking like Richard Coles? How many new entrepreneur who just graduated in a high standard business school has the mind set to start a business like a county called Haiti? And how many business people do think first about the people than the profits? I have no idea nor do you right? I can't judge but for sure there are many out there who have an idea on doing business at the same time serving people. As what is being written about Richard Coles Haiti's article and other business minded people I do hope that we all have to reach out and help those in need. If we don't start it now then when? 

Lease to five point capital

The company that's been in business for leasing is Five Point Capital. In  this company you can find anything you want for what you need. They offer to give you a  lease for medical, restaurant, business and even construction equipment. In this time when our economic is not too stable to start a small business is hard because we have to buy all the equipment we need. But why not lease the equipment and by that if the business will prosper then you can keep it and if not then you don't have no problem with how much you owe because you just lease your equipment. 
I find this idea of leasing as very practical now a days. For me why I have to buy new equipment when the business you try to start is not yet too stable to have a new one. Actually, this is my first time to hear about leasing for different kind of equipment in different kind of business and Five Point Capital is the first company that I find suitable and has the ability to help you manage in all you need. So to all my friends and relatives who is thinking of starting a new business this is it, your problem is solve don't buy just lease! ^_^

BRS lab

For the past days we've been shaken of what happened in Oslo, Norway and it was only yesterday that I watched many video on you tube. My heart goes to the victims and to the family as well. I condone this doing and it's hard to see that the victims are all innocent people. This things happen in no specific time nor specific places. So many we've heard in the past that this act happened inside a mall, church, schools and even in the house, which we considered safe. What we gonna do this kind of event is to have an eye of an eagle and thankfully BRS Labs invented surveillance camera 24/7 who can monitor and detect people who is acting beyond the norm.  Some people don't like cameras all over in any infrastructure building but for me I like it because it means somebody is watching us monitoring for our safety. Ain't we thankful that BRS Labs invented this software for all of us to be safe in where ever we are? In this time and generation we have to be aware that not all are thinking the goodness and good welfare of others and that's why we have to be keen in observing others too.

Photo Hunt: Together

                                               TOGETHER we sing to the Lord

                                                              TOGETHER forever!!

                                              TOGETHER  they had fun at the water slide
                                    And to see more TOGETHER photos visit here PHOTO HUNT

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ebridge advertising

Last week I had my serious senior photo shoot. It took me half a day with almost 300 photos and five costumes. I feel I was tired after the photo shoot and i was perspiring a lot because that week we had a heat wave and here I am and my senior trying to take good photo. It end really well but of course since it's my first paid job I like it to be perfect. While I was driving home I was thinking of putting my own small business on Ebridge Advertising. I do believe that advertising is one way of telling the world that here I am ready for any business. Of course, since I am a newbie on photo taking but I can also tell that I have the eye of a photographer and I may not have the best high tech gadgets in photography but what comes out from my camera is really good ^_^. The other day I looked at the site of Ebridge Advertising and tried to figure out how they gonna help me start my business. As of this time I am sorting my photos to put on my portfolio and I am already almost burn out lol!! Well if I mean business this is it right? No pain no gain!!
                                                                  My sample photo

Max Furniture

One thing to make your house appealing to your friends and family is to have Max Furniture. Why is that? Because Max Furniture has the best furniture ever! Did you see in their site they have all the gorgeous furniture and if I have all the money I would love to have them all hehe! Some of my friends like the contemporary look in their choices of furniture but for me I like the combination of contemporary as well as classy and elegant.
When I arrived here  in the US seven years ago hubby didn't buy anything new like our living room sofa and bedroom furniture. We had the old ones people gave to us and one time I asked him why he didn't buy anything. He answered me that he wants me to pick it, how sweet he is. And indeed I did some shopping after several months we settle to our house and I started to look for Max Furniture. I am very impressed of their products and what make me more impressed is that it's tax free no hassle money back guarantee and the best of all is their seven year warranty that's why i stick to this furniture company for ever! 

Pet care

Do you have a pet? When you buy something for your pet do you buy cheap food or things? Do you go for reviews on what food to buy or you go for what your friends have told you? Well, I go for the last choice I go for PetCareRx reviews . Yes sometimes I am tempted to buy what my friends or family bought for their pet but  then I thought of my beloved pet. I want the best for them that's why I had to look for reviews.
One time I had a good argument with my SIL because she says that a dog food or cat food are just the same thing. They have the same nutrition what's the difference is the packaging and the price. And she continued to tell me that if I go buy a brand name it's very expensive and she herself don't rely on PetCareRx reviews. So I told her we have different views on this matter because for me reviews is where I gauge my decision making. Yes, some food are a bit high but for the good of our pet which we consider as part of the family they deserve excellent food and things. She didn't continue to argue with me because I have the best answer to what we didn't agree with. For you out there who had pets read the reviews and visit the link provided here. I am sure it open a lot of information for you!! ^_^

My dragonfly

 I wonder what other people do when you are bored? And that means if you are bored facing your monitor the whole day. I asked this question to my friends and they told me that they like to go shopping. Some says they like to read or they like to cook. But for me I like to walk and with my camera I like to take photos. Yesterday, I felt my brain is burn out ^_^ I don't know what I am doing but I just feel like I have to go out even if the ground is wet. But that is what I like, when the ground is wet and the air smells fresh and the grass has still the dew hanging on. I was walking towards the field and immediately it came on me that their are many dragonflies and butterflies around. I was at the middle of the field standing and the grass are tall as me observing how insects interact to each other. The dragonflies is much easier to take photos while the butterflies are hard. They don't stay long on one flower they hopped from one flower to another so I had a hard time taking pictures of them. Then I noticed this dragonfly in front of me. It seems that he is not afraid that I was there. So I took a lot of photos and when I see the photos in the monitor I found out that the wings are broken. Too bad I didn't noticed it immediately I so wished I was able to help this poor dragonfly. ^_^

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swan family

A photo chronicle of the swan family ^_^

                                  I think they are heading home after having fun at the lake ^_^
                                                                SKY WATCH FRIDAY

Figuring it out

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I was really desperate to figure out something to do for my husband and family on a weekly basis and since we’re a really healthy family and not all that into big meals those just weren’t going to cut it. People kept suggesting a game night but my eldest son is developmentally disabled and I knew the other kids wouldn’t like any game he could understand, so that was out. When I was online a few months ago and came across HTTP:// I decided a satellite package was the perfect thing and it turned out I was right! There are some really great gameshows on some of the upper channels we can all watch together and when that doesn’t work there are always the movies…we’ve watched just about everything from Pixar or Steven Speilberg and my kids seem to be getting closer than ever. I know I love having a set date each week that we’re all going to come together and do something as a family – it’s what I’ve always wanted to figure out!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My kind of phone!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you been wondering why our cell phone bills keep on increasing? I did!! Every time our cell phone bills arrive I can't wait to see if the bill gets high or what. The last month I was kind of frustrated because I used my husband's cell phone by calling a long distance call to the Philippines. You aee that is already considered an international call and I didn't know that you have to call first before doing that so they could add an international plan to my hubby's monthly plan. True to my suspension from the $60 that we pain monthly not included the additional surcharge it went up to $200 and my heart sunk. I was really devastated to what I happened and I vow to myself to change our cell phone service. 

As I was scouting for a prepaid phone over the internet and even asking advices to friends, I decided to list what I do want to have in a cell phone. The number one of my priority is that I can call a friend as cheap as I could get because international calls are not cheap but if I could found one that is affordable then that's the phone I want. Second, I am looking for a cell phone that has everything you need. It's not that you want to get a text and you add it up with your plan, or you want to connect on a web that is another charge, I want the hook, line and sinker mode in my cell phone and how cool is that huh? And that I found out that it's the Straight talk that had it. And my golly as what the saying goes mom knows best, this phone is the best ever. You don't have to worry of any surprise high bills because you paid the amount that is what you knew you are going to pay. Besides, that no contracts that would bound you for two years which for me this kind of style stinks!! ^_^

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An American dream house

Growing up I heard old folks about their dream house. They worked hard and save a lot or even loaned a money just to build their dream house. Now when I am here in the US I realized that people here worked hard to pay for their huge or not so huge houses because they have mortgages to pay. When the economy goes down  many people lose their houses and even their job because of the downfall. As for this time the real estate around US are not as good as it used to be but I'd as the'd say their is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Houses all over the US are not as expensive as before rather it is affordable and just right for what you've got. Around my area I have one house that I so like. One time we passed that house and hubby told me to pray and ask that soon it would be mine. But I told him I like it but if I owned one it would be in a tropical place like Hawaii. I find Hawaii and Philippines has the same weather that's why I like it there. Hawaii houses are beautiful most specially when the property is close to the sea. I could only imagine watching the sunset or the sunrise with my margarita on hand ^_^

Signs, Signs

 Few weeks ago we went to Spicers Farm to picked Cherries. This sign made me think!! What you think?? LOL!!
The rest of the signs I found it around the farm. The farm is huge and would love to go to there next year for another cherry picking ^_^ But got to find out too if they allow "u pick apple" this coming Fall. ^_^                             SIGNS,SIGNS


Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...