Quake at the Lake

Hanging out at the Lake almost every weekend is a lot of fun!

                                                        Speedboat competition

Hot and sexy spectators

Ain't this a very huge and beautiful house? 

                                                    Got to love this kind of life!! ^_^
                                        Linking to BLUE MONDAY and RUBY RED TUESDAY


Ann said…
The house, the front is at an angle?
Arthur Lopez said…
It's fabulous. Very Elegant. I really like it a lot. Thanks for sharing this post.
anne said…
What a beautiful sight to see, wink wink wink mine is up for Blue Monday,Points of View and Thoughts
Dimple said…
Fun, indeed! And it's better in the heat to be near water, as well!
Emily said…
hi Kim, your photos are great, what a wonderful place to spend a summer day. I love the lake, and snaps of the boats and I sure could get use to that big beautiful house. Thanks for sharing.

The French Hutch
gengen said…
Wow i know that was fun...Happy blue Monday.
Ralph said…
Well, I'm not going to offer a comment on the spectators :)

I can comment on that beautiful lakefront home with a great view of the water. And of course, the very fast racing boats in ruby and the slightly slower but impressive Chaparral in a bold red. A fine day on the lake!
Pie said…
Looks so fun!

Great shot!

My Blue Monday is here.
Ralph said…
My link:
Mirage said…
Fun! we went boating this weekend too!
Dixie said…
yep... it's a grand life by the lake...! beautiful
LV said…
With a lake that looks like this, I can understand wanting to be there every weekend. Very nice.
Twiggy said…
First: Your header is soo beutiful. What a photo!!
Your blue monday: Nice shots with diffrent "topics", both action and more restful ones. Nice!
Hi Kim,

Your day of church and friends, and day at the lake look like so much fun! I wish that I was out there swimming with you.

Looks like you are having a fun summer, and that is so good.

Take care,

Kathy M.
Barbara F. said…
What a great time this looks like. That house is amazing. xo
Kim, in one moment and at one place, you can see all of those views? WOW...
imriz said…
couldn't agree more! what a huge house by the lake!
Yes, I can hear those speedboats quaking even here!


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It’s puce and chartreuse that I hate.
I’m fond of cerise,
It makes a nice piece
Of clothing that looks just first-rate.

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Lost Red Spoon
chubskulit said…
If only we could do that everyday hehehe..
Fe said…
ganda naman nito te Kim..
Claro Santiago said…
nakakainggit. hahaha. so enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Great series from what looks like a nice day out.
Liz said…
Kakainggit. Ang ganda ng place. :)

My entries:
Moms...Check Nyo
Maria @ LSS said…
What a beautiful place. I am so sure you had a wonderful time.
Genie said…
Boy, would I love to be out there on that water right now. It is so HOT in VA right now...98 most of the day. I do no think it ever going to cool off. These shots really make the viewer feel like he/she is right that with all of the speedboats. I especially like the first one with that bit of colors. One of these day s I am going to learn how to do that. Genie
onangelwings said…
Anonymous said…
I wish i could spent my weekend at such lake side. Beautiful images

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