Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Signs, Signs

 Few weeks ago we went to Spicers Farm to picked Cherries. This sign made me think!! What you think?? LOL!!
The rest of the signs I found it around the farm. The farm is huge and would love to go to there next year for another cherry picking ^_^ But got to find out too if they allow "u pick apple" this coming Fall. ^_^                             SIGNS,SIGNS


madrassi said...

Its good to follow rules sometime. I like to visit such farms to taste cherries.

RedPat said...

A lot of rules at that farm!

Gemma Wiseman said...

The cherry farm generates some unique, interesting signs!

Lesley said...

That is quite a few hand written signs (easier for changing prices &/or rules, I guess!)

ewok1993 said...

we missed cherry picking this year. the farms here don't have any other features except for u-pick orchard.

George said...

You saw lots of signs at the farm, but I'll bet you also got some great tasting cherries.

Francisca said...

I almost didn't get past the first sign... I adore cherries when they are in season straight off the tree! As you know, there are no cherries in the Philippines, except in the supermarket a package of a dozen sad looking cherries for P500 (US$12)! I kid you not! The last time I went cherry picking though, I was 15 and I did it to earn money. Didn't last too long at it, though... I was eating too many to make any money! LOL!

Pat said...

I got a kick out of the rule #5 for the Farm Play area:

Ride on Toy Tractors over the age of 8 years.

Does that mean it's okay to ride on the tractors that are only 7 years old? Ha ha

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