National benefit authority

I was talking to a friend the other day about storms. And she said that she is very afraid when there is a storm warning. I told her me too I am scared when I heard the warning signal for storms. Her husband told him not to worry because the insurance is going to pay for it anyway. But she told him that it's not that why she is scared but she is scared for their life and for the people.
For me I also don't think of insurance or any help after the storm. What I do hope that we are all spared by any kind of fortuitous event. In Canada The National Benefit Authority is dedicated to help Canadians for disabilities. Well this kind of help is understandable because it's physical and if we don't have this kind of help you don't work and what's gonna happen them, right? It's a good thing that The National Benefit Authority is there ready to help. I wonder how they can approve certain disabilities like mental illness. If it's really a real one or fake. We all knew that their are so many scams all over the country and to figure it out is a challenge to them. ^_^


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