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Have you been wondering why our cell phone bills keep on increasing? I did!! Every time our cell phone bills arrive I can't wait to see if the bill gets high or what. The last month I was kind of frustrated because I used my husband's cell phone by calling a long distance call to the Philippines. You aee that is already considered an international call and I didn't know that you have to call first before doing that so they could add an international plan to my hubby's monthly plan. True to my suspension from the $60 that we pain monthly not included the additional surcharge it went up to $200 and my heart sunk. I was really devastated to what I happened and I vow to myself to change our cell phone service. 

As I was scouting for a prepaid phone over the internet and even asking advices to friends, I decided to list what I do want to have in a cell phone. The number one of my priority is that I can call a friend as cheap as I could get because international calls are not cheap but if I could found one that is affordable then that's the phone I want. Second, I am looking for a cell phone that has everything you need. It's not that you want to get a text and you add it up with your plan, or you want to connect on a web that is another charge, I want the hook, line and sinker mode in my cell phone and how cool is that huh? And that I found out that it's the Straight talk that had it. And my golly as what the saying goes mom knows best, this phone is the best ever. You don't have to worry of any surprise high bills because you paid the amount that is what you knew you are going to pay. Besides, that no contracts that would bound you for two years which for me this kind of style stinks!! ^_^

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