An American dream house

Growing up I heard old folks about their dream house. They worked hard and save a lot or even loaned a money just to build their dream house. Now when I am here in the US I realized that people here worked hard to pay for their huge or not so huge houses because they have mortgages to pay. When the economy goes down  many people lose their houses and even their job because of the downfall. As for this time the real estate around US are not as good as it used to be but I'd as the'd say their is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Houses all over the US are not as expensive as before rather it is affordable and just right for what you've got. Around my area I have one house that I so like. One time we passed that house and hubby told me to pray and ask that soon it would be mine. But I told him I like it but if I owned one it would be in a tropical place like Hawaii. I find Hawaii and Philippines has the same weather that's why I like it there. Hawaii houses are beautiful most specially when the property is close to the sea. I could only imagine watching the sunset or the sunrise with my margarita on hand ^_^


Toyin O. said…
Interesting, thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I wish your dream come true :)

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