If you see it close this is an abandoned building. Actually this is my first time to see this building as hubby and I passed one day. Thankfully, the traffic is slow and so I was able to take a snap while hubby is closely driving the car. This building is in the area where the place is heavily devastated by the economic crunched here in Michigan. I figure it out that this is once an apartment building because what you can see is only the left side corner of the whole building and there is a middle part and the right side part of this building. So just imagine how huge this building is. Why this is my photo for this theme Hidden is because we knew for the fact that beyond this dilapidated worn out facade, sad emotion was hidden for the people who once live here.  As I am looking the photo and trying to see all smallest cracks and tore out window, I could tell this place is once very beautiful. And what is hidden inside is what I am very curious to see but because this place is like no mans land hubby would for sure never allow me to even go near this place. It's a sad photo and for sure there are a lot of sad stories to go with it but it's the reality. 
                                                 My ROUND ROBIN PHOTO CHALLENGE


Oh, wow. This is just excellent, a really moving interpretation of the theme to show us something important. I also like the way the building fills the frame, and the details that can be seen if you look closely. Very well done indeed!
Yes, behind the facade of that once proud and stately building are stories of real lives of people that once inhabited it. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Jama said…
It's sad to see such beautiful building being lest into such state.
George said…
You've done very well with this theme. There are undoubtedly many hidden stories behind this once-beautiful facade.

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