Figuring it out

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I was really desperate to figure out something to do for my husband and family on a weekly basis and since we’re a really healthy family and not all that into big meals those just weren’t going to cut it. People kept suggesting a game night but my eldest son is developmentally disabled and I knew the other kids wouldn’t like any game he could understand, so that was out. When I was online a few months ago and came across HTTP:// I decided a satellite package was the perfect thing and it turned out I was right! There are some really great gameshows on some of the upper channels we can all watch together and when that doesn’t work there are always the movies…we’ve watched just about everything from Pixar or Steven Speilberg and my kids seem to be getting closer than ever. I know I love having a set date each week that we’re all going to come together and do something as a family – it’s what I’ve always wanted to figure out!


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