BRS lab

For the past days we've been shaken of what happened in Oslo, Norway and it was only yesterday that I watched many video on you tube. My heart goes to the victims and to the family as well. I condone this doing and it's hard to see that the victims are all innocent people. This things happen in no specific time nor specific places. So many we've heard in the past that this act happened inside a mall, church, schools and even in the house, which we considered safe. What we gonna do this kind of event is to have an eye of an eagle and thankfully BRS Labs invented surveillance camera 24/7 who can monitor and detect people who is acting beyond the norm.  Some people don't like cameras all over in any infrastructure building but for me I like it because it means somebody is watching us monitoring for our safety. Ain't we thankful that BRS Labs invented this software for all of us to be safe in where ever we are? In this time and generation we have to be aware that not all are thinking the goodness and good welfare of others and that's why we have to be keen in observing others too.


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