Ebridge advertising

Last week I had my serious senior photo shoot. It took me half a day with almost 300 photos and five costumes. I feel I was tired after the photo shoot and i was perspiring a lot because that week we had a heat wave and here I am and my senior trying to take good photo. It end really well but of course since it's my first paid job I like it to be perfect. While I was driving home I was thinking of putting my own small business on Ebridge Advertising. I do believe that advertising is one way of telling the world that here I am ready for any business. Of course, since I am a newbie on photo taking but I can also tell that I have the eye of a photographer and I may not have the best high tech gadgets in photography but what comes out from my camera is really good ^_^. The other day I looked at the site of Ebridge Advertising and tried to figure out how they gonna help me start my business. As of this time I am sorting my photos to put on my portfolio and I am already almost burn out lol!! Well if I mean business this is it right? No pain no gain!!
                                                                  My sample photo


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