Richard Coles a Haitian

When Haiti was struck but a mega earthquake where were you at that time? I remember I was here at home and saw the news broadcast that Haiti had an earthquake. Many people don't know where is Haiti and if it's a country and how many population they have. In any kind of calamity in anywhere of the world USA is the number one who is there to help. I remember that our church asked for a donation in any kind. Since it's hard to go there because nobody knows if there will be more earthquake or after shocks, nobody in our church are not allowed to go there to help. What we did is to donate some money and together we pray that everything will be okey. But we know that this kind of devastation can cripple any small or big country much so Haiti. Then the other day I read an article titled Richard Coles Haiti. It says about the works of Richard Cole and what he is doing in Haiti. As the article says that Richard Coles is both descendant of English and African heritage and he owned a business there.
After I read the article it made me stop and think. How many people those what we call filthy rich had some kind of thinking like Richard Coles? How many new entrepreneur who just graduated in a high standard business school has the mind set to start a business like a county called Haiti? And how many business people do think first about the people than the profits? I have no idea nor do you right? I can't judge but for sure there are many out there who have an idea on doing business at the same time serving people. As what is being written about Richard Coles Haiti's article and other business minded people I do hope that we all have to reach out and help those in need. If we don't start it now then when? 


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